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The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script


For 150 years, scholars have attempted to identify the language of the world's first alphabetic script, and to translate some of the inscriptions that use it. Until now, their attempts have accomplished little more than identifying most of the pictographic letters and translating a few of the Semitic words. With the publication of The World's Oldest Alphabet by ABR Associate Dr. Douglas Petrovich, a new day has dawned. The language has been identified conclusively as Hebrew, allowing for the translation of 16 inscriptions that date from 1842 to 1446 BC. These inscriptions expressly name three biblical figures (Asenath, Ahisamach, and Moses) and greatly illuminate the earliest Israelite history!

Order your copy of The World’s Oldest Alphabet directly from the publisher, today.

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ABR Digger Publishes New Book posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

Peggy Consolver, an ABR digger at Khirbet el-Maqatir and Shiloh, recently published a work of biblical fiction, Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer. ABR is delighted to carry her book in our online Bookstore (, as it brings to life the dusty stones wherein ABR seeks to gain insights into ancient biblical sites. In this story Keshub, a young shepherd boy, lives adventure every day as he defends his flock from predators and proves himself among older brothers. True to Scripture and authenticated by archaeological research, this tale of God's grace puts flesh and blood on the enigmatic Gibeonites who make a treaty with Joshua.

-- "Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer tells the story of the Hebrews' arrival in Canaan from a new point of view. A young Gibeonite shepherd's eyewitness account captures the tension in the ancient land of Canaan. Accurate descriptions of the terrain give the Bible student new insights into this historical event of the Late Bronze Age. The use of the archaeological artifact known as the Gezer Almanac adds credence to the timeline the author constructs." Bryant G. Wood, PhD, Director of Research, Associates for Biblical Research

-- "Here one will experience solid learning interwoven with joyful, sanctified 'filling of the gaps' that make the ancient text alive again in language of the heart." Eugene H. Merrill, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Exciting Opportunity with ABR: Webposting Volunteer posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

An exciting volunteer opportunity exists for a highly motivated individual who has a passion for the Bible and archaeology, and who would like to work together with our staff team in transitioning to and maintaining ABR’s new website, set for development in 2017.

The ABR ministry seeks a volunteer to help ABR transition to a new website. The work will involve assisting the ABR staff with reviewing new site content and making minor suggestions and changes to areas which require correction. This person will also help with posting new articles, current events and other items once the new site is up and running. This volunteer should have some experience in working with website postings. Basic HTML coding knowledge would be a plus, but is not required. We expect this volunteer position to involve about 3-5 hours a week of service, with flexibility. The ideal candidate would reside in the Lancaster County, PA region.

All interested parties should contact the ABR office by sending a cover letter and resume to

Matching Gift Opportunity for ABR's Dig at Shiloh posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

ABR Receives $10,000 Matching Gift Pledge for our

Archaeological Dig at Biblical Shiloh!

The Lord continues to miraculously bless ABR’s ongoing archaeological excavations in Israel! An anonymous donor has come forward with an offer to match every gift to the Shiloh Excavations, dollar-for-dollar, through the end of March 2017, up to $10,000!   Gifts of any size will be a vital part of our continuing to excavate in Israel and demonstrate how archaeology supports the reliability of the Bible.

Your Gift of Any Size Will be Effectively Doubled!

Please prayerfully consider making a donation today so we might receive the full blessing of this matching gift pledge. Donate towards the Shiloh excavations using the link below. Type "Matching Gift Campaign" into the Special Instructions field.

Your gift of any size will provide the essential resources for our new excavation at biblical Shiloh and our ongoing efforts to demonstrate how archaeology supports the reliability of the Bible. Thank you for prayerfully considering a donation today so we might receive the full blessing of this matching gift pledge.


A Great New Film: Is Genesis History? posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

ABR is excited to tell our supporters about a great film hosted by Dr. Del Tackett, Is Genesis History? The film features ABR Associate Dr. Douglas Petrovich, along with a dozen other PhDs scientists and scholars. I was able to view the full pre-publication version of the movie, and can recommend it 100% to ABR supporters.

What exactly happened “In the beginning” and in the time that followed? Throughout most of history, Genesis 1-11 was considered an accurate and reliable record, but over the past 250 years it has become one of the most controversial writings of all time. Events highlighted—including the creation of the universe in six days, the existence of a real Adam and Eve, and a global Flood destroying the world—are now questioned by many...including some Christians. Where can reliable, well-researched answers be found?

Is Genesis History? is a comprehensive documentary featuring scientists and scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. From rock layers to fossils to lions to stars, this fascinating film will challenge and change the way you see the world.

Showing in theaters as a one-night event on Thursday, February 23 only, Is Genesis History? shines new light on our origins, providing a positive argument for the biblical Creation and Flood. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of The Truth Project, serves as your guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—in an exploration of two competing compelling truth.

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Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit Opens January 2017 posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

In January of 2017 the University of Pikeville will open "Khirbet el-Maqatir & a Journey through Biblical History." This walk-through exhibit will feature over 250 artifacts from the world of the Bible. Of particular interest will be artifacts from the site of Khirbet el-Maqatir - the location of Ai mentioned in the book of Joshua and the possible site of Ephraim of the book of John.

The opening weekend special events will occur from Thursday, January 19 through Saturday January 21. The Thursday night event on the 19 will be an opening dinner where guests can meet and greet with visiting archaeologists and museum curators. A full buffet will be served to include sliced roast beef, herb roasted chicken, salad, vegetables, hot rolls and dessert. A dinner ticket includes admission to the exhibit on either Friday or Saturday and the visitor will be assigned a time for their exhibit visit on one of those days. In order to include this dinner event in your plans you must purchase either the "Opening Weekend Events Pass" or the "Opening Weekend Couples Pass."

Exhibit tickets on Friday or Saturday, the 20 & 21, will allow the visitor access to the historic York House in Pikeville where the 250 artifacts will be showcased. The visitor will also have the opportunity to visit with archaeologists and museum curators who will be on site to share the exhibit with visitors. Donor passes grant visitors admission to the exhibit as often as they desire for one low price beginning on January 27 and all regular business hours after that date. Currently, the exhibit is scheduled to be open every Friday and Saturday from that date through the summer.

Buy your Tickets Today to visit: Khirbet el-Maqatir & A Journey through Biblical History (off site link).

The local Hilton Garden Inn has a special rate for visitors for the exhibit: Hilton Garden Inn (off-site link).


Exciting Volunteer Opportunity posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

Individuals who are interested in this opportunity should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the brief description of required tasks listed below.

Bible and Spade Pre-publication Editing Assistant Volunteer

Estimated work: 15-20 hours per month.

Duties include:

1. Collect articles already reviewed and approved by ABR staff and set up a basic structure and outline, putting the material into the format that the editor can use. Perform an initial read-through and preparation, adjusting fonts, italics, pagination, Scripture citations, etc. The volunteer does not need knowledge of the subject matter.

2. Identify prospective pictures from reading the article, find them in the ABR archive, on the web, and other sources, and write captions for the pictures.

3. Learn to use the ABR picture database and other sources for pictures.

4. Communicate with graphics designer and B&S committee on titles and magazine cover, and then disseminate artwork for committee review.

5. The ideal candidate would reside in the Lancaster County, PA region.

All interested parties should contact the ABR office by sending a cover letter and resume to

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