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Please Help Support the Ministry of Dr. Bryant Wood 7/18/2018 - by Scott Lanser MA

The Board of Directors of the Associates for Biblical Research is especially proud of the job Dr. Bryant Wood has done to initiate, direct and facilitate this work at Khirbet el-Maqatir...

Digging for Truth-Episode 14: Discoveries at Ephesus 7/13/2018 - by Scott Lanser MA

Co-Host Scott Lanser interviews Bryan Windle about the archaeological discoveries at Ephesus that confirm the accuracy of the New Testament, particularly the Book of Acts.

ABR Urgently Needs Your Help! 6/20/2018 - by Scott Lanser MA

We only have ten days left in ABR’s fiscal year, and we are significantly behind in donations...

Digging for Truth-Episode 10: The Walls of Jericho (Part One) 6/15/2018 - by Scott Lanser MA

Did the Walls of Jericho come tumbling down at the time indicated in the book of Joshua? Join co-host Scott Lanser as he explores this question with expert archaeologist Dr. Bryant Wood in part one of this two part interview.

The Ministry of ABR, Spring 2018 5/16/2018 - by Scott Lanser MA

We are living in days of confusion and complexity as we experience the daily upheaval that is going on in Western culture. In every community and townhall we are discovering direct challenges to the Christian values our country was built upon...

Christmas Greetings from ABR 11/30/2017 - by Scott Lanser MA

The Christmas season brings many memories and emotions to our hearts, as we draw from life’s experiences reflections of past joys and sorrows. My childhood was filled with magical memories of Christmas with my 4 brothers, and even as there were painful experiences along the way, there was always a true happiness to the season...

Thank you so much for your support, dear friends! 7/21/2017 - by Scott Lanser MA

The ABR board and staff thanks the entire ABR family for your many donations that met our financial needs for the 2017-18 fiscal year!

Crossing the Finish Line with ABR 5/13/2017 - by Scott Lanser MA

In just six weeks ABR will be wrapping up the 2017 fiscal year with mixed emotions...

Please Support ABR's Annual Friends Banquet! 3/21/2017 - by Scott Lanser MA

The 2017 Associates for Biblical Research Friends Banquet is just around the corner, on Monday, April 17 at 6:30 p.m...

Please Help Support the Ministry of Dr. Bryant Wood 1/17/2017 - by Scott Lanser MA

The Board of Directors of the Associates for Biblical Research is especially proud of the job Dr. Bryant Wood has done to initiate, direct and facilitate this work at Khirbet el-Maqatir...

October 2016 Ministry Update and Appeal Letter 10/18/2016 - by Scott Lanser MA

Here are some highlights of ABR’s ministry, including some of the important ministry developments and opportunities that the Lord has set before us...

Loving God With All Your Mind? 9/28/2016 - by Scott Lanser MA

I have been in pastoral and ministry leadership for 35 years now. Along my journey as a follower of Christ, and as a mentor and coach for other believers, I have regularly perceived a tension among members of the Body of Christ in grasping the dimensions of love signified in Jesus’ statement in Mark 12:30...

Supporting the ministry of ABR 6/6/2016 - by Scott Lanser MA

I am writing today to thank you for praying for ABR and to bring you an update on this ministry...

Amazing Progress, and Important Needs: Remembering ABR at Year's End 11/28/2015 - by Scott Lanser MA

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son…”

Finishing well: A thank-you to all our ABR donors 8/4/2015 - by Scott Lanser MA

It is with a grateful heart that I write to you today to inform you that the $30,000 shortfall that ABR was facing at the close of our fiscal year has been met. Many thanks to all of you who provided donations, large and small, so that ABR could finish the year with all of its obligations met and its ministries fully funded.

Working Together for the Kingdom: A Message from ABR - UPDATED 6/24/2015 - by Scott Lanser MA

We are blessed to report that, since we shared with you at the end of May that we faced a budget shortfall of $30,000, as of today (6/24/15) we need only $10,000 to meet our budget for the fiscal year, which ends on June 30th. Over the past several months we have seen a significant slowing in our stream of financial support that is needed to conduct our ministry effectively. The Lord has blessed us with enormous opportunities, but with that comes increasing financial pressures and demands. We are extremely careful with the funds you entrust to us. We operate ABR’s ministry by faith, and the operations are often run on a shoe-string. We believe that the Lord is honored with the great care we bring to carrying out the fiscal objectives and processes He has called us to. As Director, I donate half of my time to ABR because I believe so strongly in our mission. All of our staff sacrifice greatly to see the Lord’s work at ABR move forward. So PLEASE consider a generous gift in the next week. Your help will allow us to finish our fiscal year without the need to make drastic cutbacks that could significantly weaken our ministry efforts. You have asked us to let you know when we have serious needs…and this is that time. And we thank you in advance for your help!

The Father of Lights 11/26/2014 - by Scott Lanser MA

We are quickly moving toward that very special time of year when our hearts and minds are drawn to the mystery of the incarnation in that humble town of Bethlehem. After two thousand years we are still captivated at the drama of God breaking into history, Jesus cradled in Mary’s womb until the day appointed in the plan of the sovereign God of time and eternity.

Increase the Harvest of Your Righteousness 8/21/2014 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dear ABR Friends, Our fiscal year calendar closed on June 30th and we look back with deep appreciation for the Lord’s grace and sustaining power for the ministry of ABR. Your continuing faithfulness in giving, volunteering, and praying made 2013-14 a most extraordinary year...

Clear Away the "Debris": An Appeal from ABR 6/11/2014 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dear ABR Friends: Please allow me this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry of ABR! The 2013-2014 season of ministry has been one of the most extraordinary in ABR’s history. Our dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir has uncovered amazing evidence that supports our identification of the site as biblical Ai.

Advancing the Kingdom: A Look Back at 2013 12/4/2013 - by Scott Lanser MA

The holiday season is before us with all of its blessings and joys and with a little busyness and stress mixed in! We hope you will experience the peace and joy of Jesus in this season as you walk as an “overcomer” in the kingdom of God. It is so important to remember that amidst all the madness around us that our citizenship is in heaven, and that the testings and trials we must experience are only for a season. Let us draw every ounce of joy from the knowledge that Christ has come to this world to bring us life and freedom, and His peace that passes understanding. And may your family gatherings and shared family traditions fill you with the warmth and love from these treasured experiences together.

Loving People, Loving Truth: Jesus Speaks to His Church 10/28/2013 - by Scott Lanser MA

New Testament Scripture displays an important panorama of passages, some hortatory and some didactic, calling the believer in Christ to be a student of written revelation and to confront false teachers and false teaching whenever it is manifested in the church. Typically this is seen in the training of individuals who will stand in spiritual leadership in the local assembly of believers: Elders must "be able to teach" (1 Timothy 3:2); Teachers will "incur a stricter judgment" (James 3:1 NASB), as they stand as guides and shepherds to God's flock.

The Precious Time Redeem 9/13/2013 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dear Friend of ABR, I write today with a mixture of emotions, reflecting on the events of September 11th, just over a decade ago when the United States was viciously attacked by terrorists connected with the militant islamist organization, Al Qaeda. It is hard to believe that 12 years have passed since those days of shock, sadness, courage, and resolve.

Looking Back... and Pressing Forward 6/7/2013 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dear Friends, In just a few short weeks Associates for Biblical Research will be wrapping up its 2012-2013 fiscal year. It has been an exciting and challenging year, full of new opportunities and wonderful progress on important, ongoing projects and activities.

Refreshing Our Spirit 2/19/2013 - by Scott Lanser MA

The generosity of ABR supporters is truly refreshing to our spirit...

Come Over and Help Us... 11/19/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

A special Christmas season message from ABR Executive Director Scott Lanser.

Because the Days are Evil... 9/4/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

Please read this important ABR ministry update from ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser.

Never Bow the Knee! 6/14/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

A special end of fiscal year message and appeal from ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser.

Finding That Which Has Been Lost 5/29/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

Hilkiah the high priest said to Shaphan the secretary, “I have found the Book of the Law in the temple of the LORD.” - 2 Kings 22:8

Tanit in the Mirror: The Worship of Self and the Slaughter of Children 5/12/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

Often subjects discussed in the realm of archaeology can be investigated with little direct connection with the experiences of our present day. Whether that perception is true or not, it is a reality, and the study of the ancient past can often be very esoteric and compartmentalized to the modern mind. Not so concerning the subject of child sacrifice. The parallels to the modern day practice of abortion and the murder of innocent, defenseless babies is plain and unavoidable.

Answering the Critics: Part Four with Scott Lanser 4/9/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser discusses some of the broader issues of worldview and postmodernism as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible. Included is a brief discussion concerning the Exodus, David, Solomon, and the domestication of camels. Includes a Q&A session.

Answering the Critics: Part Three with Scott Lanser 4/6/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser discusses some of the broader issues of worldview and postmodernism as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible. Included is a brief discussion concerning the Exodus, David, Solomon, and the domestication of camels.

Answering the Critics: Part Two with Scott Lanser 3/20/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser discusses some of the broader issues of worldview and postmodernism as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible.

Answering the Critics: Part One with Scott Lanser 3/5/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

ABR Executive Director, Scott Lanser discusses some of the broader issues of worldview and postmodernism as it relates to the science of archaeology and the study of the Bible.

The Power of Presuppositions 1/19/2012 - by Scott Lanser MA

Every day we make decisions based upon our assumptions concerning truth. Consider the popular yet profoundly erroneous assumptions people make today concerning ultimate realities:

The Future is Bright for ABR! 12/15/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

The Associates for Biblical Research is known for archaeological fieldwork and painstaking biblical research. The work produced by ABR is widely used by Bible students, archaeologists, professors and teachers, some of whom believe the Bible to be the Word of God and some who do not. The one thing everyone can count on from ABR is extensive and careful analysis of scientific and biblical evidence. This commitment to detailed scholarship is coupled with an equally important commitment to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Indeed, ABR is devoted to upholding the reliability of the Bible and to communicating the evidence that affirms the historical accounts of Scripture. As we look to the future, ABR will continue its commitment to these all-important objectives.

The Thundering Christmas Voice 12/1/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’” Job 37:5-6

More Than Dirt... 9/6/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dear Friends, It's hard to believe, but the Fall is upon us and ABR is gearing up for another season of digging at Khirbet el-Maqatir in our ongoing search for Joshua’s Ai. As a friend of ABR you have heard us speak of this important archaeological excavation and its impact on the world of biblical scholarship. But the impact of our dig at Maqatir is certainly not for scholars alone, but will impact all Christians, encouraging God’s people around the world.

2011 Year End Report to the ABR Family 7/19/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

A few weeks ago I alerted the friends of ABR about our financial needs at the close of our 2011 fiscal year on June 30...

Fear of Man or Fear of God? Living a Life of Conviction over Compromise 7/12/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

Recently I had a most disturbing conversation with a young man who was attending a prestigious Christian liberal arts college. As we chatted, I expressed the value of being involved with ABR in our quest to uphold the authority of the Bible. I was chagrined by his less than enthusiastic response; he actually became slightly distressed, and glibly commented he was concerned about his reputation if he would join ABR, because it might negatively affect his scholarly pursuits.

Please Stand With Us: UPDATE! 6/19/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

As many of you will recall we sent out an urgent appeal just 2 weeks ago that ABR was in need of an additional $40,000 by June 30 so that all of our financial commitments could be met for this fiscal year...

Please Stand With Us! 5/27/2011 - by Scott Lanser MA

Please help ABR finish our fiscal year with all our needs met! Your donations are critically needed…

How the Social Gospel Undermines the Authority of Scripture: A Response to Post Modernism 12/21/2010 - by Scott Lanser MA

I often take the spiritual pulse of my congregation and Christian colleagues and friends to help me gain a sense of the spiritual warfare being waged against believers in America. I add to that extensive reading on the sociological movements and philosophical perspectives in American culture and their impact on the Church of Jesus Christ. Trends emerge from these studies and conversations that occasionally encourage me but most often disappoint me. Fundamentally, American Christians are held in the cultural grips of post-modernism, with its openness to spiritual “things” but its resistance and distrust of anything that smacks of institutionalism. So the openness we see sometimes quickly closes when Jesus is brought into a conversation, since He is seen as part and parcel of the institution called “church.” Post-moderns are profoundly disappointed in how the institutions around them have let them down and ripped them off: Government, Schools, Parents, and the Church. They have seen and continue to watch played out in front of them how these institutions fail in their self-absorbed greed and lust for power and their patent abandonment of the responsibilities under their charge. Every day they see another husband abandon his wife and children, they see another church leader fall in scandal, they read of a teacher shamelessly abuse their position of trust to feed their own personal lusts and desires. Children growing up in America see decadence all around them; those telling them how to walk the path are compromising and abusing their God-entrusted roles of authority.

King of Kings 12/8/2010 - by Scott Lanser MA

"He has performed mighty deeds with His arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thought..." Luke 1:51

The Life and Legacy of Dr. David Livingston 8/5/2010 - by Scott Lanser MA

Dr. David Livingston has devoted his life to teaching the Word of God and upholding and defending the Bible. He has been an inspiration to laymen and scholars alike and to all those who love the Bible, the Word of the living God. As the founder and director of ABR, David was led of God to establish a ministry that would demonstrate the reliability of the Bible and provide an umbrella organization under which likeminded scholars could serve. His passion was fueled by the distortions of critics who declared that whole portions of Old Testament narratives were unhistorical...

Who Framed Jesus? Putting the Recent Discovery Channel Special in Perspective 5/14/2010 - by Scott Lanser MA

In March of this year we were treated to yet another edition of information media’s relentless infatuation with reinterpreting and redefining the Bible with its insufferable post-modern spin. The Discovery Channel’s, Who Framed Jesus? was released just in time to throw a wet blanket on anyone who might actually believe the Bible’s account of the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. Paraded before us was the predictable mixed bag of scholars and pseudo-scholars, who, in the typical fashion of those who have rejected the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, offered their mush-minded opinions of what must have “really” been the cause of Jesus’ supposed “framing”...

Does it Really Matter What Albert Einstein Believed? 2/10/2009 - by Scott Lanser MA

We reason and we quote famous people, but we never should put our faith in the opinions of men. They will always fail. But God and His word in the Bible will never fail...

Of Facts and Faith II 11/14/2008 - by Scott Lanser MA

The Bible is far more a history text than it is a science text, but I have never doubted that where it touched on science that is was factual…and again, true. And where it dealt with history, I understood that history to be factual…and thereby truthful...

Responding to a Skeptic 6/25/2008 - by Scott Lanser MA

You must be joking! The BIBLE?

Commit It to the Flames 1/2/2008 - by Scott Lanser MA

In spite of the perception of greatness among certain academics and philosophers, David Hume's reasoning is seriously flawed on a number of fronts. ...His philosophy too should be cast to the flames!

The Resurrection and the Value of a Soul 7/18/2007 - by Scott Lanser MA

The high point of the Christian calendar should be the Day of Resurrection. We have just now celebrated this day of days with our church families with songs and messages of the triumph over death and hell of our great Savior...

Confronting Baal-Zephon: The Spiritual Message of the Meeting of Israel and the Armies of Egypt 7/12/2006 - by Scott Lanser MA

You may ask, "you mean it’s actually important to know where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea?" or "Does it really matter which mountain is Mt. Sinai?"...

The Mystery and Miracle of God's Artifacts 1/16/2006 - by Scott Lanser MA

When I turn to the topic of archaeology, I often ponder the hows and whys of God's plan and use of tangible history in the form of artifacts, manuscripts, and other such things buried in the sand, hidden in ancient ruins, or tucked away in some secret cave...

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