2005 Bible and Spade Back Issues


Four issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 2005. Order all four at a discount! Issues listed with an *asterisk* are available as photocopies.

Fall 2005
Biblical Archaeology: Eternal Implications Extra-Biblical Evidence for the ConquestArchaeologists Fail to Use Sound Reasoning • Which Way Did They Go? The Magi’s Escape from King Herod • Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rev. 2:8-11), Part I: Archaeological Background • For Young Archaeologists: Herod the Great

*Summer 2005*
Pharaoh Merenptah Meets Israel• The Synagogue on the Isle of Delos and the Epistle of James • Archaeologist Says He Has Found St. Paul's Tomb

Spring 2005
Shechem: Its Archaeological and Contextual Significance • Abimelech at Shechem • Excavating with ABR at Hazor • Archaeology is NOT a Treasure Hunt • The Cave of John the Baptist • For Young Archaeologists: David and Goliath 

Winter 2005
Israel In Egypt • The Lotus in Ancient Egypt and the Bible • Between the Pillars: Revisiting "Samson and the House of Dagon" • What are lmlk Stamps and What Were They Used For? • Jerusalem Fell in 587 Not 586 BC • Digging with ABR at Hazor • Great Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology: The Mari Archive and the Nuzi Tablets



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