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BIBLE and SPADE produced in 2010. Issues listed with an *asterisk* are available only as copies.

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Fall 2010 We Hear You! • Two Ancient Sumerian Tablets Saying NO-O-O-O to Paganism • The Influence of the Ancient Near East on the Book of Genesis • An Army of Straw Men: Responding to Ronald Hendel • The Domestication of the Camel in the Ancient Near East • The Great Isaiah Scroll and the Original Bible: An Interview with Dr. Peter Flint

Summer 2010 The Bible and Life: Big Questions…Important Answers • We Hear You! • The Sea of Galilee: An Overview • Jesus Speaks to Seven of His Churches: Part 2 • Skeletons on the Table • Christian Damascus

Spring 2010 Editorial • We Hear You! • Megiddo: The Place of Battles • The Arch of Titus and the Olive Tree of Romans 11 • Jesus Speak to Seven of His Churches: Part I

Winter 2010 What's So Important About Inerrancy? • Digging into the Documents and the Attempted Hijacking of Paradise • The Role of the Septuagint in the Transmission of the Scriptures •  Jesus Christ on the Inerrancy of Scripture •  Inspiration: The Oracles of God •  Tota Scriptura



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