Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt 2 DVD Set

Can I trust the Bible? Did God really write it? Can I bank my eternity on it? Proving the Bible is supernaturally inspired by God is as simple as looking inside its pages.

If I said, "The president lives in the White House," and you said, “Prove it.” It would be reasonable for me to say, "Let's go look in the White House windows and see if he lives there."

If we saw the president living there, we could then conclude, "The president lives in the White House."
The same thing is true for the Bible.
Once you look in its pages, the reality is undeniable, "God wrote this book and I can stake my eternity on it."
Join Todd Friel as he takes you on a lightning tour of the Bible in a matter of minutes and you will conclude, "God wrote this book."

Your faith in Scripture will never wobble again.

2 DVD set

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