A Brief Report from the 2010 NEAS Conference

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Excerpt Once again Associates for Biblical Research was able to be present at the annual Evangelical Theological Society conference and share an exhibitor booth with the Near East Archaeological Society. The theme for our booth this year was “The Archaeology of Miracles” and handouts included articles on topics such as the Pool of Siloam, Jericho, Noah’s Ark, and several more. Through these handouts and copies of the Bible and Spade publication we were able to share the importance of Biblical archaeology with professors, pastors, and students from around the world. In total, over 2800 people attended the conference. Continue reading

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Several ABR Staff and Associates were in attendance, including Dr. Bryant Wood, Dr. David Graves, Dr. Adeeb Mickahail, Gary Byers, Suzanne Lattimer, Donald McNeeley, and Reagan Barnett. Dr. Bryant Wood presented a presentation on the Khirbet el-Maqatir excavation and gave reasons for his claim that it is the true location of the Biblical city of Ai. Dr. Adeeb Mickahail and Donald McNeeley also gave presentations. It was a successful event centered on the study of God’s Word and we felt blessed to be a part of it and share the historical inerrancy of the Bible with those present.


Cambria Camillo and Reagan Barnett representing ABR and NEAS.

Don McNeeley and Reagan Barnett manning the booth at the conference. Photo taken by Dr. Edwin Yamauchi.

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