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The "Can We Trust the Text of the NT?" DVD can be purchased in the ABR online Bookstore.

Excerpt On October 1, 2011 renowned skeptic Dr. Bart D. Ehrman and Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, Director of the Center for the Study of NT Manuscripts, debated the reliability of the text of the New Testament at Southern Methodist University. This was the largest debate over the text of the New Testament in history. A professional film crew recorded the debate, which is now available to you. In this exciting dialogue you have the opportunity to listen to two leading scholars talk about this issue from opposing viewpoints. Continue reading

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This is a highly important issue for the church. On this DVD, you will hear Dr. Wallace clear up much of the confusion concerning the issue of NT transmission and reliability. On the other hand, it is important to listen to Dr. Ehrman's misrepresentations, half-truths, and erroneous presuppositions in order to be equipped to refute them. Dr. Ehrman has taken his case to the public, and the church must be prepared to engage in that discussion. The NT can be trusted in its transmission and accuracy, and most importantly, its message of the glorious Gospel of God's Son.

This DVD is available through ABR only in US (NTSC) format.

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