Digging For Truth: ABR’s Partnership with WBPH TV-60

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Excerpt When I began volunteering for ABR in 2004/2005, I reached out to local Christian TV station WBPH-TV 60 out of Bethlehem, PA... Continue reading

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When I began volunteering for ABR in 2004/2005, I reached out to local Christian TV station WBPH-TV 60 out of Bethlehem, PA to see if they would be interested in interviewing me about the ministry of ABR. They graciously invited me on as a guest. From 2005 through 2012, I appeared on 60 Live! with Pat Huber on numerous occasions to talk about archaeology, the Bible, ABR ministry events, the Khirbet el-Maqatir Dig, and so on. Several times, the wonderful staff expressed interest in creating a TV show that would feature ABR and discuss archaeology and the Bible, the reliability of the Scriptures, and apologetics. It was exciting to think about, but to be honest, it felt like an unachievable dream...

That all changed in the summer of 2017. I was flicking the TV around one night, and seeing Pat on the screen, I wondered how our friends at WBPH were doing. So, I picked up my laptop and sent an email to say hello. Dan and Margaret Huber, who are now stewarding WBPH, informed me that they were now able to support a series of new television programs. One of those programs, if we were willing and able, would feature the Associates for Biblical Research. How incredibly exciting!

And yet...with the faithlessness of those Israelites of old, doubts immediately crept into my mind: "How can we fit this onto an already full plate?" "Can we afford to do this?" "I’ve been a guest on TV, but HOSTING? I don’t think I can do THAT?" "What if we mess it up?" The usual kind of faithless nonsense that rises up from a sinful heart when the Lord Jesus places a formidable task before us. But the direction was crystal clear: we cannot NOT do this!

ABR Executive Director Scott Lanser and I began meeting with Margaret and Dan in August 2017, and step by step, the mission and the vision became clear. Digging For Truth will accomplish two main goals: First, we will present exciting discoveries from the world of archaeology that validate the historical reliability and accuracy of the Bible. Second, we will engage in discussions that proclaim and defend the coherence and truth of the Christian worldview as it is found in the Old and New Testaments, the revelation of God.


After many months of prayer and planning, Digging For Truth will begin taping its first episodes on Monday, March 12, 2018. The first episode will air on Sunday, March 18th at 2:30 PM!

Scott Lanser and I will serve as co-hosts. In-studio and Skype guests will be featured on a regular basis. As of today, we already have ten episodes scheduled for filming. ABR staff members Dr. Scott Stripling and Dr. Bryant Wood will join us, followed by other ABR staff and guests from around the country. The program will air:

Sundays at 2:30 PM EST

Mondays at 10 PM EST

Fridays at 7 PM EST

For those who cannot watch the program live, or for those who live outside the greater Philadelphia viewing area, episodes will be posted on Vimeo shortly after they appear on TV. Soon, ABR will be providing links and posting episodes here on our website as well.

We ask for your prayers as we endeavor to proclaim the truth and the fullness of the Gospel through Digging for Truth. There is much work to do, yet we remain amazed at the work that God has done. Sola Deo gloria!

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