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Digging for Truth - Episode 21: ABR's Dig at Tel Shiloh Part One 12/12/2018 - by Lien Voong

Dr. Scott Stripling joins us in the studio as we discuss the Excavations at Biblical Shiloh, sponsored by the Associates for Biblical Research (Part One of Two). For more, visit

Christmas Greetings from ABR 2018 11/29/2018 - by Lien Voong

Click on the Christmas 2018 letter to link to ABR's support page.

Digging for Truth-Episode 20: Relating the Bible to Archaeology 11/6/2018 - by Lien Voong

Join Dr. Scott Stripling, Scott Lanser and Henry Smith in a round table discussion about the relationship between archaeology and the Bible. Topics of discussion include: worldview paradigms, a level playing field, and the Bible as an ancient text.

Digging for Truth-Episode 19: Noah's Flood: A Worldwide Catastrophe (Part Two) 10/13/2018 - by Lien Voong

Join co-host Henry Smith as he interviews geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling. In part two, we discuss marine fossils, transcontinental geologic features, and the Grand Canyon.

Digging for Truth-Episode 18: Noah's Flood: A Worldwide Catastrophe (Part One) 10/2/2018 - by Lien Voong

Join co-host Henry Smith as he interviews geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling. In part one, we discuss the extent and nature of the Flood, and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens as a microcosm of what happened in the year of the Genesis Flood at the time of Noah.

Digging for Truth-Episode 17: A Pastoral Perspective on Archaeology and the Bible 9/12/2018 - by Lien Voong

Join Pastor Scott Lanser as he explains the Biblical imperative for defending the Christian Faith and the use of archaeology.

Digging for Truth-Episode 16: Facts vs. Faith 8/27/2018 - by Lien Voong

Many skeptics try to separate the realms of fact from the realm of faith. Watch as Scott Lanser and Henry Smith discuss this philosophical problem in the culture and its impact on the Church.

NEWS RELEASE: ABR Makes Important Discovery at Biblical Shiloh 8/22/2018 - by Lien Voong

Associates for Biblical Research announces the discovery of a ceramic pomegranate from its second season of excavations at the ancient city of Shiloh in Israel. The pomegranate was among 500 other objects...

A Special Thank You to Our ABR Family 8/9/2018 - by Lien Voong

A message from ABR director, Scott Lanser.

NEWS RELEASE: Dr. Scott Stripling / Featured Guest on The 700 Club / July 16, 2018 7/5/2018 - by Lien Voong

ABR is excited to announce that Dr. Scott Stripling, Director of Excavations for ABR, will be interviewed on The 700 Club on Monday, July 16th...

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