2013 Bible and Spade Back Issues


BIBLE and SPADE produced in 2013. Issues listed with an *asterisk* are available only as copies.

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Fall 2013 Editorial: Live the Dream • We Hear You! • The Professional Excavation Staff at Khirbet el-Maqatir • The Remarkable 2013 Season at Khirbet el-Maqatir • Living Like A Judge • The Lamps of Khirbet el-Maqatir • Conquest Confusion at Yale • Those Indefatigable Byzantines!

Summer 2013
Editorial: God the Great Tester • We Hear You! • A Theology of the Fall in Genesis 3 and the Ancient Near East • Do Christians Make the Bible an Idol? • The Map of Madaba • The Riddle of the Sphinx • The Value of Archaeology in My Faith Walk • Turning the Cannons on New Testament Canon Criticisms: Part Two • Lovers of Husbands and ChildrenHow ABR Influenced My Walk with God

Spring 2013
Beneath the Surface: Editorial • We Hear You! • New Roles in the ABR Family • Digging for the Historical Jesus • How Lunar and Solar Eclipses Shed Light on Biblical Events • Eclipses: The Science and the Pseudoscience • The Pagan Christ in the Popular Media • The Death of John the Baptist • Evangelism and Apologetics

Winter 2013
  Editorial: Romans: An Empire of Dust and an Epistle for the Ages • We Hear You! • Let Every Soul Be Subject • Cosmic Death in Romans 8: Affirming a Recent Creation • Baptism in the Early Church • Josephus: Jewish War Correspondent • The Amazing Catacombs of Rome • Justin Martyr: Pioneer Apologist


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