Canaanite Child Sacrifice and Abortion: A Powerful DVD

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Excerpt Old Testament passages referring to pagan child sacrifice are numerous and dreadful. The Israelites, delivered from the bondage of Egypt by the mighty hand of Yahweh, the Lord of heaven and earth, did not simply engage in idolatry. They were guilty of adopting the ghastly Canaanite practice of child sacrifice. Continue reading

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In this impactful DVD, Henry Smith presents the archaeological and historical evidence from antiquity for child sacrifice in Canaanite culture. Surveying the relevant biblical texts, Mr. Smith also makes connections between this horrific ancient practice and modern day abortion. You will be deeply moved and challenged to rise up and defend the unborn against the practice of abortion, a modern day form of child sacrifice.

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8/22/2013 3:14 PM #

Hello Henry,

is it not a bit ironic that according to the Biblical texts, God responded to the evil of child sacrifice of as people by ordering soldiers to...well, kill all babies and pregnant women from that people group?

It is not archaeology which makes it impossible to believe in Biblical inerrancy, but its primitive view of a warrior god very similar to those of the neighboring Pagan nations.

Lothars Sohn

Lothars Sohn - 8/22/2013 3:14:25 PM

8/22/2013 3:57 PM #

Dear Lothars Sohn,

Thanks for submitting your comments to the ABR website.

Your short blurb, unfortunately, is both incredibly overly simplistic, and grossly in error. The claim that Yahweh was/is a "warrior god" is old hat, and a typical liberal construct imposed on the OT texts.

Concerning the issue of judgment on the Canaanites, there are a series of underlying presuppositions which inform such an argument. Almost all of them are in error, have no philosophical or moral basis, or misrepresent what the Bible actually says. I have dealt with this general issue in a two part article series, "Genocide in Canaan?"

Without the triune God of Biblical revelation, you have no philosophical basis to make any moral judgments about the content of Scripture to begin with. Yahweh, who was manifested in Christ, is absolutely holy and morally perfect. When He pronounced judgment on the Canaanites, it was completely and totally just. Conversely, the Canaanites murdered their own children on sacrificial altars dedicated to demons.

Sincerely Yours,
Henry Smith
ABR Staff

Henry B. Smith Jr. - 8/22/2013 3:57:50 PM

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