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Digging for Truth - Episode 21: ABR's Dig at Tel Shiloh Part One 12/12/2018 - by Lien Voong

Dr. Scott Stripling joins us in the studio as we discuss the Excavations at Biblical Shiloh, sponsored by the Associates for Biblical Research (Part One of Two). For more, visit

NEWS RELEASE: ABR Makes Important Discovery at Biblical Shiloh 8/22/2018 - by Lien Voong

Associates for Biblical Research announces the discovery of a ceramic pomegranate from its second season of excavations at the ancient city of Shiloh in Israel. The pomegranate was among 500 other objects...

Go Now To Shiloh: The 2018 Excavations Week Five: Touring and Conservation 6/26/2018 - by Abigail Leavitt

Although the 2018 Shiloh excavations officially came to an end after week four, there was still more work to be done. Dig Director Dr. Scott Stripling inspected the newly excavated walls and, together with Conservation Team Leader Greg Gulbrandsen, identified and selected unstable walls in need of conservation. During week five, Greg led a team consisting of Dr. Charles Savelle, Durwin Kicker, Tim Lopez, Abigail Leavitt, and Charity Hebert.

Go Now To Shiloh: The 2018 Excavations Week Four 6/22/2018 - by Suzanne Lattimer

As the dig came to an end, we looked around at what has been accomplished in 4 weeks. The result of people from 30 states and 4 countries is astounding! Even as we were shutting down, we continued to have a stream of visitors and dignitaries including Sondra Oster Baras from the Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, and …. We are grateful for the connections we’ve made with different archaeologists, specialists, groups, and universities.

What A Dig Needs: Shiloh 2018 6/19/2018 - by ABR Staff

Find out "What A Dig Needs." Join us for our next season in Israel:

Go Now To Shiloh: The 2018 Excavations Week Three 6/14/2018 - by Gary Byers MA

This past week of the Shiloh Excavations we had nine squares open – each 5m x 5m and sitting on a north/south grid. Our goal is to expose the architecture within each square and be able to relate it to what’s found in the next square. Along with the floors and installations associated with these walls, we can know where ancient people lived. But the pottery and artifacts found in the dirt associated with this architecture and installations tells us about how they lived. And we learned a lot about the ancient people of Shiloh in Week Three!

Go Now To Shiloh: The 2018 Excavations Week Two 6/5/2018 - by Brian N Peterson PhD

Week 2 of the second season of the Shiloh dig is now complete and included the making of many memories and discoveries. Dr. Scott Stripling conducted a number of tours and interviews on the site, two of which are noteworthy.

Go Now To Shiloh: The 2018 Excavations Week One 5/28/2018 - by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

Week One of the 2018 Excavations at Biblical Shiloh, operated and sponsored by the Associates for Biblical Research, is now in the books…

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