A Preview of the Spring 2013 Issue of Bible and Spade

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Excerpt The Spring 2013 issue of Bible and Spade will soon be delivered to subscribers and members... Continue reading

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Before I share a little bit about this issue with you, please allow me to briefly tell you how you can bless a friend, pastor, family member or sincere seeker. ABR recently announced that Gift Memberships and Gift Subscriptions to Bible and Spade are now being offered at discounts up to 40% off the regular retail price. Recipients of an ABR Gift Membership can receive four power packed issues of Bible and Spade AND the DVD with Dr. Bryant Wood, Jericho Unearthed. The cost is only $20! Recipients of an ABR Gift Subscription can receive four issues of Bible and Spade for only $14 a year! Details can be found at the bottom of this article.

In this issue of Bible and Spade, five authors provide insight into the background and purpose of the biblical text. Dewayne Bryant explores and exposes the myth that Christianity is a syncretistic religion built on pagan foundations. His article entitled “The Pagan Christ in the Popular Media” answers the question first posed by Tertullian in the late second century – What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem? No one has articulated Christian apologetics better than the late Greg Bahnsen. In his article entitled “Evangelism and Apologetics” Bahnsen builds on the presuppositional insights of Cornelius Van Till to explain why our defense of the faith is so critical to evangelism. Paul Ferguson in his article entitled “Digging for the Historical Jesus” presents the journey of a scholar and skeptic who came to faith. Like Augustine in the fifth century, Dr. Eta Linneman escaped the circular reasoning of secular academia and became a fervent advocate for Christianity. Dr. Bryant Wood lays out the archaeological and historical evidence surrounding "The Death of John The Baptist." Finally, Rodger Young explains the significance of the lunar eclipse on April 3, AD 33. In his article entitled “How Lunar Eclipses Shed Light on Biblical Events,” Young lays out the case for synchronisms between astronomy and important historical and biblical events.

It is our prayer that your faith will grow as you read this issue of Bible and Spade and that your increased faith will lead to concrete actions as we partner with Christ to build his kingdom. Thank you for your support, and most of all, your prayers, as we continue to produce this publication to bring Glory to the Son of God!

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