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The Associates for Biblical Research depends upon donations of all sizes, and volunteers who generously give their time, to operate the ministry and fulfill our mission. If you know of supplies and equipment that can be donated to the Lord's work, or products and services that can be provided at special discounted rates, please contact Henry Smith, Director of Development, at

In-kind Cash Donations

In-kind cash donations will be joyfully accepted and designated toward needed equipment! If you would like to designate a financial donation toward specific equipment needs, please follow the link below. Please note in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section the equipment for which you would like to designate your gift. Make a Donation »

ABR Equipment Needs List

The following is a list of equipment needed for the future work and development of the ministry of ABR. Please prayerfully consider donating one of these items. We are so grateful for your support and prayers.

Funding Needs

1. We are seeking donations to be designated for dig equipment at our current dig in Israel at Khirbet el-Maqatir, in our search for Joshua's Ai. Donations are being sought for the following equipment needs:

  • Pottery buckets, $5 each, 30 needed
  • Wheelbarrows, $70 each, 6 needed
  • Picks, $15 each, 15 needed
  • Terriahs (hoes), $15 each, 15 needed
  • Lunch tables, $20 each, 2 needed
  • Custom built sunscreens, $340 needed
  • Additional Miscellaneous supplies, $575 total needed

2. Bookshelves for ABR research library, $40 per unit, 4 needed.

Gifts In-Kind

  • Laptop I- Urgently needed! Specs provided upon request.
  • 32 inch flat screen HD TV with DVD combo with stand for conferences and home school conventions. (with speakers, HDMI, and PC input). Further specs provided upon request.
  • Laptop II - Specs provided upon request.
  • Office PC - Specs provided upon request.

Please contact Henry Smith, Director of Development, at for more information on in-kind giving and volunteer work.

Donate Archaeological Journals

ABR is looking for donations of the following archaeological journals for its research library:

Israel Exploration Journal:
Vols. 1–11 (1951–1961), 13–15 (1963–1965), 18–19 (1968–1969), 20.3, 4 (1970), 21 (1971), 35.1 (1985), 39–50 (1989–2000), 51.3 (2001) to the present.
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research:
Nos. 1–25, 62, 64, 65, 67, 68, 70, 72, 310 (1998) to the present.
Near Eastern Archaeology:
Vols. 61.4 (Dec 1998), 62.1, 2, 4 (Mar, June, Dec 1999), 63 (2000) to the present.
Tel Aviv:
Vols. 1.1 (1974), 3 (1976) to the present
Palestine Exploration Quarterly:
Biblical Archaeologist:
Vols 22 (1959), 26 (1963), 55.4 (Dec 1992)

Your generous giving and support will help ABR to uphold the reliability of the Bible!

Please contact Henry Smith, Director of Development, at for more information on in-kind giving and volunteer work.

The Associates for Biblical Research is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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