Exciting Volunteer Opportunity

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Excerpt An exciting volunteer opportunity exists for a highly motivated individual who has a passion for the Bible and archaeology, and who would like to work together with our staff team in producing ABR's signature publication, Bible and Spade magazine. Continue reading

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Individuals who are interested in this opportunity should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the brief description of required tasks listed below.

Bible and Spade Pre-publication Editing Assistant Volunteer

Estimated work: 15-20 hours per month.

Duties include:

1. Collect articles already reviewed and approved by ABR staff and set up a basic structure and outline, putting the material into the format that the editor can use. Perform an initial read-through and preparation, adjusting fonts, italics, pagination, Scripture citations, etc. The volunteer does not need knowledge of the subject matter.

2. Identify prospective pictures from reading the article, find them in the ABR archive, on the web, and other sources, and write captions for the pictures.

3. Learn to use the ABR picture database and other sources for pictures.

4. Communicate with graphics designer and B&S committee on titles and magazine cover, and then disseminate artwork for committee review.

5. The ideal candidate would reside in the Lancaster County, PA region.

All interested parties should contact the ABR office by sending a cover letter and resume to comments@biblearchaeology.org

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