Possible Seal Impression of the Prophet Isaiah Found

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Excerpt The discovery of a clay impression (called a bulla) that may have been from the Prophet Isaiah's personal seal was recently announced... Continue reading

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The discovery of a clay impression (called a bulla) that may have been from the Prophet Isaiah's personal seal was recently announced. The bulla was unearthed by archaeologist Eilat Mazar and her team in the Ophel excavations just south of the Temple Mount. It was in a batch of seal impressions that included the famous Hezekiah bulla (see HERE) which was discovered in 2015. The 2700-year old bulla is not fully intact, with the top and left side partially damaged. Enough of the bulla is legible to clearly read the name "Isaiah" in the middle portion and the letters "N-V-Y" - the first three letters of the Hebrew word "prophet" - below it. Unfortunately, the crucial letter aleph to complete the word "prophet" is missing. By reconstructing the missing part of the border ring, it is likely that another letter was present on the damaged portion of the seal. This fact, along with its discovery within a few feet of the Hezekiah bulla, have led many to believe this is likely the impression of the personal seal of Isaiah the prophet. In the Bible, King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah were more than just contemporaries, they were personally close, and their names appear together at least 14 different times (2 Kings 19-20; Is 37-39).

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