Current Events Articles: July 2010

Rameses II Temple Unearthed in Upper Egypt posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

Excavations in Upper Egypt's Ehnasia archaeological area in Beni-Sueif recently uncovered the remains of a 3,000 year old temple dating from the reign of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Rameses II.

ABR reports from the AIG Apologetics Conference posted by Scott Lanser MA

Henry Smith presents the evidence on Jericho and Ai.

Scott Lanser and Henry Smith have some fun at the ABR booth.

Scott Lanser speaks to a full house.

Scott debunks the critics with evidence from archaeology.

Volunteer Suzanne Lattimer shows some children pottery from Khirbet el Maqatir.


Refuting the Critics Handouts (in MS Word)

Great Discoveries OT 2 handout.doc (46.50 kb)

Five Great Discoveries OT handout Revised 8.7.10.doc (27.00 kb)

Jericho_handout.doc (407.50 kb)

Great Discoveries NT handout.doc (34.50 kb)

Great Discoveries OT 1 handout Revised 10.11.10.doc (45.50 kb)

Ancient Gospel Texts Redated posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

The Garima Gospels are one of the Christian world's oldest and most exquisite treasures. Until recently, scholars had always assumed that the two 10-inch-thick volumes, which are written on goat skin and brightly illustrated, dated back to the early 11th century. But recent carbon-testing may show what the monks believed all along: the books are among the oldest gospels in existence. C-14 dating has put the creation of the two books to somewhere between 330 and 650, making them a close contender to being the most ancient complete Christian texts. The only major collection of scripture that is known to be older is the Codex Sinaiticus, a copy of the Bible hand-written in Greek which dates back to the third century.

Editorial note: Carbon 14 dating is not as infallible as this article, and most secularists assume. There are always unprovable assumptions built into dating items in the past. However, if the particular assumptions built into the dating of these MSS are correct, there may be warrant for redating these MSS. The historical tradition connected to these MSS seems to corroborate the C-14 test in this instance.

Akkadian Document from 14th Century BC Discovered in Jerusalem posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

A tiny clay fragment – dating from the 14th century B.C. – that was found in excavations outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls contains the oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem, say researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The find, believed to be part of a tablet from royal archives, further testifies to the importance of Jerusalem as a major city in the Late Bronze Age, long before its conquest by King David.

The clay fragment was uncovered recently during sifting of fill excavated from beneath a 10th century B.C. tower dating from the period of King Solomon in the Ophel area, located between the southern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem and the City of David to its south. Details of the discovery appear in the current issue of the Israel Exploration Journal.

Dr. Eilat Mazar says this new discovery, providing solid evidence of the importance of Jerusalem during the Late Bronze Age (the second half of the second century B.C.), acts as a counterpoint to some who have used the lack of substantial archeological findings from that period until now to argue that Jerusalem was not a major center during that period. It also lends weight to the importance that accrued to the city in later times, leading up to its conquest by King David in the 10th century B.C., she said.

The tiny clay fragment – dating from the 14th century B.C.E. – found by Hebrew University archaeologists in excavations outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls contains the oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem. (Photo: Sasson Tiram)

Archeologists Find Evidence of Peter's Prison posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

The Mamertine Prison, a dingy complex of cells which now lies beneath a Renaissance church, has long been venerated as the place where the apostle was shackled before he was killed on the spot on which the Vatican now stands. It been a place of Christian worship since medieval times, but after months of excavations, Italian archaeologists have found frescoes and other evidence which indicate that it was associated with St Peter as early as the 7th century.

Atheist Christopher Hitchens Diagnosed with Cancer posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

The militant God-hater, Christopher Hitchens, has been diagnosed with throat cancer, Fox News is reporting. Hitchens is well known for his hatred of God and the Christian faith. Despite his irrational anti-theism, we admonish all followers of Christ who read this post to pray that the sovereign Spirit of God convict him that his worldview is entirely false, he has sinned against a just and holy God, and that he repent and receive Jesus Christ as God and Savior. It is not our place as Christians to say the specific reasons why Mr. Hitchens has contracted this disease. We only know that God often uses illness as a means to bring people to repentance and faith. We can only hope Mr. Hitchens responds.

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