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round table dvd md.jpg 1. Is It Time To Throw Away Your Bible?: 2 DVD Set with the ABR Staff We presently live in a culture of great skepticism and confusion. Many scholars, scientists, historians and forces within culture believe the Bible is an outdated, irrelevant book, filled with fables, stories, and mythological constructs that are not based on reality. Members of the ABR staff gathered together in a roundtable discussion to talk about some of the criticisms presently being leveled against the Bible. In this 11 part roundtable discussion (on a 2 DVD set), find out why you can trust the Bible. Regular Price $24.99

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The Satellite Bible Atlas: A Must Have Resource posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

This new, 148 page Bible atlas is now available through the ABR ministry, detailing biblical events marked on enhanced satellite imagery, accompanied by geographical and historical commentary. This phenomenal resource includes the following:

1. Complete Set of all 85 Hi-Resolution Maps in JPG format. (Available by email after your purchase).

2. 85 full-page color maps.

3. Free Downloads, including:
a. "The Land and the Bible" A FREE 191 page geographical study guide in PDF.
b. Study Questions

4. Six Teaching Videos on YouTube, containing over 58 minutes of FREE teaching about the content of the Satellite Bible Atlas and the land of Israel. Watch Episode #2 below.

All of this for only $26.00 from the ABR ministry. This Atlas will make an excellent addition to any library. It is the perfect gift for your pastor or spiritual leader. See the Bible come alive through The Satellite Bible Atlas. Order yours today.


"I own sixteen separate Bible Atlases, and I can say unequivocally Bill Schlegel's Satellite Bible Atlas is the one I recommend. It is a gateway to some absolutely dynamic Bible study; it is theologically sound and Biblically conservative. I pray that God will use this book in your life as he has in mine." Richard Rigsby, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Former Director of Talbot Bible Lands Program, Talbot School of Theology

"The Satellite Bible Atlas is characterized first and foremost by beautiful satellite imagery and detailed historical markings. No other atlas features so many large maps with nearly every biblical event in Israel depicted with precise detail. Each map is accompanied by commentary that draws out the geographical significance of the history to bring the story alive to the reader. As one who has taught college and seminary students in Israel for 25 years, Bill Schlegel understands and communicates God's revelation to his people in his land in a way like few others. The Satellite Bible Atlas deserves to be the Israel field guide for the next generation of students, young and old. The atlas is also ideal for students in introductory Bible classes." Todd Bolen, author of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, The Master's College

"A delightful and dependable compendium of historical facts and insights. The work is thoroughly researched, punctuated throughout by helpful synchronisms with extra-biblical records, meaningfully interactive with competing opinions, and thoughtfully committed to the factual inerrancy of the Scriptural record. The map markings are remarkably helpful, and the fact that those markings are not superimposed upon a drawn map but upon cartographically-enhanced satellite photographs of the terrain adds a healthy level of reality to the work. Very much worth a focused read-through, and then perpetually valuable as a study resource no matter where the student is in the Scriptures." Doug Bookman, Professor of New Testament, Shepherds Theological Seminary

About the Author: Bill Schlegel is Associate Professor of Bible at The Master's College, Israel Bible Extension (IBEX), where he teaches biblical history, geography and Hebrew. He lives with his wife and family near Jerusalem.

Regional Geographical Maps

1-1 Satellite Map

1-2 Regions and Routes

1-3 North (Samaria to Mt. Hermon)

1-4 Jezreel Valley, Lower Galilee

1-5 Golan

1-6 Samaria, Judea, Transjordan

1-7 Samaria

1-8 Jerusalem Approaches and Benjamin

1-9 Benjamin (East)

1-10 Judah: Hill Country, Shephelah, Coastal Plain

1-11 Shephelah of Judah

1-12 South (Negev to Elath)

1-13 Biblical Negev

1-14 Dead Sea and Moab

1-15 3D Views East and North

1-16 3D View Northeast

1-17 Archaeology: The Tel

The Patriarchs and Egyptian Relations with Canaan

2-1 Origins of the Patriarchs

2-2 The Patriarchs: Abraham and Isaac

2-3 Jacob and Joseph

2-4 Thutmose III: Egyptian 18th Dynasty in Canaan

2-5 Thutmose III’s Conquest of Megiddo (Detail)

The Exodus and Conquest

3-1 Exodus and Journey through Sinai

3-2 Israel in the Wilderness

3-3 Transjordan Conquest

3-4 Borders of the Promised Land (Canaan)

3-5 Entry into Canaan: Jericho and Ai

3-6 Israelite Conquest: Central and Southern Campaigns

3-7 Israelite Conquest: Northern Campaign

3-8 Amarna Letters: Canaan-Egypt Relations

Israelite Settlement and Judges

4-1 Israelite Tribal Allotments

4-2 Unconquered Territories

4-3 Early Judges in Judah and Benjamin

4-4 19th Dynasty Egyptian Operations in Canaan

4-5 Deborah and Barak

4-6 Gideon

4-7 Jephthah

4-8 Samson

4-9 Dan Migration, Benjamin Civil War, and Ruth

United Monarchy

5-1 Samuel's Ministry

5-2 Saul

5-3 David and Saul

5-4 David Works for the Philistines at Ziklag

5-5 David's Reign

5-6 David's Census and Solomon's Reign

Divided Monarchy I

6-1 Division of the Kingdom and Shishak's Campaign

6-2 Asa and Baasha (Judah-Israel Border Disputes)

6-3 Elijah, Omri and Ahab: Relations with Aram and Phoenicia

6-4 Mesha Stele: Israel and Judah's Relation with Moab & Edom

6-5 Elisha, J(eh)oram, Jehu: Relations with Aram & Assyria

Divided Monarchy II

7-1 Aramean Oppression of Israel and Judah

7-2 Jeroboam II & Uzziah: Resurgence in Israel & Judah

7-3 Ahaz of Judah: Lost Territory, Prophets Isaiah & Micah

7-4 Assyrian Empire

7-5 Assyria in Israel: Tiglath Pileser III

7-6 Fall of Samaria, Assyrian Expansion

7-7 Hezekiah against Sennacherib

7-8 Babylonian Empire

7-9 Fall of Jerusalem: Babylonian Conquest

Persian, Hasmonean and Hellenistic Periods

8-1 Persian Empire

8-2 Return and Restoration

8-3 Alexander the Great (Greek Empire)

8-4 Maccabean Revolt: Matathias, Judas, Jonathan, Simon

8-5 Hasmonean Conquests: Summary and Rule

The Life of Christ

9-1 Herod the Great

9-2 Political Borders at the time of Jesus: Sons of Herod

9-3 Early Ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist

9-4 Jesus' Move from Nazareth to Capernaum

9-5 Jesus' Public Galilean Ministry

9-6 Jesus' Private Galilean Ministry

9-7 Jesus' Ministry around the Sea of Galilee: Summary

9-8 Later Ministry in Judea and Beyond Jordan

9-9 Jesus in Jerusalem

The Acts of the Apostles and Jewish Revolts against Rome

10-1 Acts of the Apostles in Israel

10-2 Paul's 1st Missionary Journey

10-3 Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey

10-4 Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey

10-5 Paul's Journey to Rome

10-6 1st Revolt Against Rome

10-7 Bar Kochva Revolt


11-1 Jerusalem: First Temple Period

11-2 Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

Modern Borders and Regional Schematic

12-1 Modern Middle East

12-2 Modern Israel Borders

12-3 Regional Schematic

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