Current Events Articles: February 2013

Creation Ministries Speaker in Lancaster County PA posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

This event is FREE. For more information, please contact: Jim and Rosalee Schneck (717-445-9649;

Possible Human Artifact Found in Coal posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

The portion that protruded looked suspiciously manmade, so he investigated by enlisting the help of nearby scientists. X-ray diffraction revealed that it was mostly aluminum with about two to four percent magnesium. This unique alloy is not generally produced today. And Brier noted that refined aluminum implies high technology. Such investigations should include the possibility that these artifacts were produced by people who lived at the same time that vast forests were catastrophically buried to become coal. Scripture states that expert metal workers lived among the pre-Flood peoples...

For more on this interesting discovery, visit: Institute for Creation Research (off-site link)

A Report on the Excavations at Carchemish posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

Isaiah 10:9–11 refers to the destruction of Carchemish by the Assyrian king Sargon II in 717 BC. 2 Chronicles 35:20–25 records the death of Josiah, king of Judah, in 609 BC at Megiddo when Josiah tried to prevent Necho, king of Egypt, from going to Carchemish to help the Assyrians against the Babylonians. And Jeremiah 46:2 alludes to the final defeat of the Assyrians and their Egyptian allies at Carchemish by soon-to-be Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar in 605 BC.

For more, see: The New York Times (off-site link).

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