Date Title
2019-04-30 Rehoboam's Wall Discovered at Lachish
2019-04-24 Oldest Shipwreck Found in Mediterranean
2019-04-17 Statue of Roman Emperor Trajan Discovered at Laodicea
2019-04-10 2000-Year-Old Settlement Discovered Near Beersheba
2019-04-05 Biblical Names Discovered on a Seal and Bulla in Jerusalem
2019-03-25 Discovery of Ancient Egyptian Ship Proves Herodotus Right
2019-03-21 Looted Babylonian Artifact Seized at Heathrow Airport
2019-03-16 Ancient Nabateans Built Dams and Terrace Systems to Manage Water
2019-03-05 New Study of Phoenician Silver Traces Their Migration
2019-03-02 Ancient Shipyard Discovered in Egypt
2019-02-23 ABR to Honor Dr. Bryant Wood at 2019 Friends of ABR Banquet
2019-02-22 Coin of Herod Agrippa Discovered Near Shiloh
2019-02-14 New Trilingual Inscription from the Persian Period Found
2019-02-07 Over 40 Mummies Discovered in Egyptian Tombs
2019-01-29 Iron-Age Horse Figurine Discovered Near Beit She'an
2019-01-22 Geological Study Confirms Earthquake Mentioned by Amos
2019-01-19 2000-Year-Old Ring Discovered in Ancient Mikveh in Jerusalem
2019-01-07 Climbers and Archaeologists Survey Nabonidus Inscription in Sela, Jordan
2019-01-02 Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2018
2019-01-01 New Article Traces Provenance of "Nazareth Inscription"
2018-12-17 Sealed, Unlooted Tomb of Egyptian High Priest Discovered
2018-12-10 19 Roman-Era Tombs Uncovered in Antioch
2018-12-07 Roman Ring Inscribed with Pilate's Name Revealed
2018-11-28 First Temple-Era Stone Weight Unearthed in Jerusalem
2018-11-26 Early Depiction of Jesus Discovered in Byzantine Church in Negev
2018-11-20 Ramp Used to Move Quarry Stones Discovered in Egypt
2018-11-09 Intact Greco-Roman Statues Unearthed at Biblical Gerasa
2018-10-29 Tests Show Some Dead Sea Scroll Fragments are Forgeries
2018-10-26 New Study: Significant Fish Trade Between Egypt and Canaan in the Late Bronze Age
2018-10-15 Oldest Hebrew Inscription of "Jerusalem" Found
2018-10-09 Archaeologists Discover Tomb of Fifth Dynasty Egyptian Official
2018-10-02 Mt. Zion Excavations Unearth First-Century Mansion and Ancient Road
2018-09-29 Excavations at Abel Beth Maacah Reveal Cultic Shrines
2018-09-22 Submerged Church Honoring Council of Nicea Discovered
2018-09-11 Over 1000 Clay Seals Discovered in Central Israel
2018-09-04 Evidence of Aramean Destruction Unearthed at Biblical Gath
2018-08-27 Ceramic Pomegranate Discovered at Biblical Shiloh
2018-08-25 5000-Year-Old Looted Artifacts Returned to Iraq
2018-08-16 New Study Suggests Whales Were Once Native to the Mediterranean Sea
2018-08-07 Another Stunning Roman-Era Mosaic Discovered in Lod
2018-08-06 ABR's Shiloh Dig and Dr. Scott Stripling to be Featured in New Documentary
2018-08-04 Ancient Stone from Temple Mount Comes Crashing Down
2018-07-23 Evidence of Battle Discovered at Sardis
2018-07-19 Possible Ptolemaic-Era Sarcophagus Opened in Egypt
2018-07-17 Two Different "Bethsaida" Sites Release Excavation Reports
2018-07-05 NEWS RELEASE: Dr. Scott Stripling / Featured Guest on The 700 Club / July 16, 2018
2018-07-05 Early Bronze Age Tomb Displays Evidence of Child Sacrifice
2018-06-28 ABR's Dig at Shiloh – 2018 Excavation Season in Review
2018-06-21 2000-Year-Old Tomb Discovered in Tiberias
2018-06-14 2800-Year-Old "Royal" Figurine Discovered at Tel Abel Beth Maacah
2018-06-09 "First-Century Mark" Manuscript Dated to 150-250 AD
2018-05-29 ABR's 2018 Excavation Season Begins at Shiloh
2018-05-22 Test Results Show No Hidden Chamber in King Tut's Tomb
2018-05-10 Advanced Imaging Reveals Script on Previously Unreadable Dead Sea Scroll Fragments
2018-05-03 Looted Cuneiform Tablets are from Lost Sumerian City of Irisagrig
2018-04-25 Evidence of United Monarchy Unearthed at Tel ' Mole Rats
2018-04-17 Traditional Tomb of the Prophet Nahum Saved from Collapse
2018-04-13 Greco-Roman Temple Discovered in Egypt
2018-04-03 Trove of Rare First-Century Coins Found in Jerusalem
2018-03-28 4000-Year-Old Sumerian Port Discovered in Iraq
2018-03-27 Undisturbed 3600-Year-Old Canaanite Tomb Discovered
2018-03-19 Join Us for the 2018 Friends Banquet
2018-03-14 "Jesus Christ God" Mosaic Set to Go on Display in Israel
2018-03-10 New Technology Confirms Clay Fragments of Atrahasis Epic Are From Same Tablet
2018-02-28 Possible Seal Impression of the Prophet Isaiah Found
2018-02-25 Roman Temple Discovered in Egypt
2018-02-15 4500-Year-Old Tomb of Egyptian Priestess Unearthed
2018-02-14 Maqatir Exhibit Set to Open at Southwestern Baptist University
2018-02-05 1500-Year-Old Pools and First Temple-Era Artifacts Discovered Near Jerusalem
2018-01-29 2000-Year-Old Dead Sea Scroll Deciphered
2018-01-24 ABR's Scott Stripling and Gary Byers Speaking at Faith Theological Seminary
2018-01-24 Excavations Reveal Early Signs of Complex Engineering and Metalwork
2018-01-16 King Herod's Winery Discovered in Herodium
2018-01-16 ABR Receives $20,000 in Matching Gift Pledges for Shiloh Dig
2018-01-13 2700-Year-Old Governor of Jerusalem Seal Confirms Biblical Title
2018-01-02 Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2017
2017-12-28 Underwater Excavations Reveal Roman Engineering at Corinth's Port
2017-12-12 Drones Used to Discover Possible 2200-Year-Old Idumean Temple
2017-12-06 New Test Results from Tomb of Jesus Confirm History of the Site
2017-11-29 4000-Year-Old Tablets Used to Locate Bronze Age Cities
2017-11-22 Roman-Era Tombs Uncovered in Corinth
2017-11-21 Free Shipping Offer in the ABR Bookstore!
2017-11-15 2000-Year-Old Galilean Caves Discovered Looted
2017-11-08 Assyrian Cuneiform Tablets Discovered in Northern Iraq
2017-10-26 ABR Digger Publishes New Book
2017-10-16 Roman Theater Discovered Under Wilson's Arch by the Western Wall
2017-10-09 Purported Seal of Solomon Declared Medieval Fake
2017-10-02 First Temple-Era Jewish Town Discovered
2017-09-30 3500-Year-Old Tomb Unearthed in Luxor, Egypt
2017-09-30 All Inscriptions from Ancient Athens to be Translated into English
2017-09-20 University of Pikeville to Host Archaeology Symposium
2017-09-12 Stadium at Ancient Laodicea Being Restored
2017-09-09 Skeletal Remains Found at Khirbet el-Maqatir Recently Reburied
2017-08-29 New Gold Coin Exhibit Chronicles 300 Years of Roman Emperors
2017-08-26 Canaanite Cultic Artifacts Discovered at Libnah
2017-08-22 Carchemish Excavations Unearth 250 Hittite Bullae
2017-08-09 Excavators Suggest el-Araj was Bethsaida/Julias
2017-08-01 Evidence of Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Discovered
2017-07-26 New Shroud of Turin Investigations
2017-07-18 Hobby Lobby Returns 5000 Artifacts, Fined $3 Million
2017-07-10 Human Remains Discovered at Gezer
2017-07-03 Earliest Monumental Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found
2017-06-27 King Herod's Mikveh Discovered at His Jordanian Fortress
2017-06-21 Advanced Imaging Reveals Previously Undetected Inscription
2017-06-17 Laser Technology Reveals Christian Frescoes in Roman Catacombs
2017-06-11 "Is Genesis History?" Conference Coming Soon
2017-06-06 Temple of Artemis in Ephesus Suffering Neglect
2017-05-30 Excavations Reveal Kingdom of Edom Developed Much Earlier Than Previously Thought
2017-05-25 ABR’s Excavations at Shiloh Now Underway
2017-05-20 Creation Scientist Dr. Andrew Snelling Denied Permit in the Grand Canyon
2017-05-18 Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit in Pikeville hosts 1000th Visitor; Extended
2017-05-09 Mausoleum of Caesar Augustus to be Restored
2017-05-05 New Discoveries at Caesarea Part of Preservation Project
2017-04-27 Colossal Statue of Ramses II Re-Erected at Luxor Temple
2017-04-21 13th Dynasty Pyramid Discovered in Egypt
2017-04-12 Capital from Solomon's Colonnade Found at Temple Mount Dig
2017-04-04 Tomb of Jesus Reopens to the Public
2017-03-27 Dr. Bryant Wood's Research on the Hittites Incorporated Into New Bible Translation
2017-03-20 Road to Emmaus Being Destroyed
2017-03-15 Ancient Palace Discovered Underneath the Tomb of Jonah
2017-03-06 See ABR’s Dr. Scott Stripling on “Expedition Unknown”
2017-02-28 Two Encore Performances of New Documentary, "Is Genesis History?" Announced
2017-02-23 Roman-era Gateway Unearthed at Beit She'arim
2017-02-17 New Dead Sea Scroll Cave Discovered
2017-02-06 New Archaeological Dig at Masada
2017-02-01 Royal Scribe's Tomb Discovered in Egypt
2017-01-31 Exciting Opportunity with ABR: Webposting Volunteer
2017-01-30 Matching Gift Opportunity for ABR's Dig at Shiloh
2017-01-27 Sacred Agora Excavated at Laodicea
2017-01-18 A Great New Film: Is Genesis History?
2017-01-18 Gatehouse Excavated at Timna Copper Mines
2017-01-08 ABR Associate Dr. Doug Petrovich Reveals Ancient "Moses" Inscription
2017-01-03 Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2016
2016-12-28 Stolen Relief of Queen Hatshepsut Returned to Egypt
2016-12-20 Jordanian Lead Books in the News
2016-12-14 Charles Ryrie's Manuscript Collection Auctioned
2016-12-13 World’s Oldest Alphabet is Based on Hebrew Language
2016-12-13 Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit Opens January 2017
2016-11-28 World's Oldest Harbor Discovered in Red Sea
2016-11-24 Dr. Scott Stripling Named Seminary Provost
2016-11-23 Israel to Search for New Dead Sea Scrolls
2016-11-17 Canaanite Offerings Discovered at Gezer
2016-11-10 First Temple-Era Artifacts Unearthed on Temple Mount
2016-11-04 Tomb of Jesus Uncovered for First Time in Centuries
2016-10-24 Battle Site from the Fall of Jerusalem Found
2016-10-17 New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Published
2016-10-10 Ancient "Logos" Inscription Found at Smyrna
2016-10-04 Desecrated Gate-Shrine Discovered at Tel Lachish
2016-09-27 Burnt Scroll of Leviticus Digitally Unfolded
2016-09-19 Second Temple Floor Tiles Restored
2016-09-13 Evidence for the Kingdom of David
2016-09-06 Solomon-Era Palace Found in Gezer
2016-08-29 Secret Hittite Tunnel Discovered
2016-08-24 Stone Vessel Factory Excavated Near Nazareth
2016-08-15 First-Century Synagogue Unearthed in Galilee
2016-08-08 Biblical Manuscripts From Greek Library Digitized
2016-08-04 Egyptian Statue Discovered at Hazor
2016-08-02 Bible and Spade magazine news!
2016-07-25 2200-Year-Old Mosaic Found on Cyprus
2016-07-20 Possible Priestly Quarters Excavated in Jerusalem
2016-07-11 Philistine Cemetery Unearthed in Ashkelon
2016-07-06 Possible Water Shaft Detected at Lachish
2016-06-30 Exciting Volunteer Opportunity
2016-06-27 2150-Year-Old Silver Coins Discovered in Israel
2016-06-14 Hidden Monument Found at Petra Using Satellite
2016-06-06 Archaeologists Trying To Rescue Judean Artifacts From Looting
2016-05-30 Statue of Aphrodite Discovered at Biblical Gerasa
2016-05-27 Statues and Coins Found at Ancient Shipwreck Off Israel's Coast
2016-05-17 Second Temple-Era Site Suffers Damage
2016-05-10 Rare 3700-Year-Old Egyptian Scarab Seal Discovered
2016-05-09 Dr. Bryant Wood Visits University of Pikeville
2016-05-03 Tomb of Christ Shrine to be Repaired
2016-04-26 View Presentation of Biblical Artifacts: "From Genesis To Jesus"
2016-04-26 3200-Year-Old Egyptian Amulet Discovered in Jerusalem
2016-04-19 Analysis of Inscriptions Suggests Widespread Literacy in Judah
2016-04-11 Bronze Artifacts Found at Biblical Site
2016-04-07 ABR's Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir is Proceeding
2016-04-04 New Dig Reveals Philistine Artifacts
2016-03-30 3,500-Year-Old Warrior's Tomb Discovered in Greece
2016-03-22 Secret Rooms in King Tut's Tomb Announced
2016-03-18 Hiker Finds Extraordinary Gold Coin in Israel
2016-03-14 ABR's Dr. Bryant Wood Speaking in Pikeville, KY
2016-03-10 Rare 2500-Year-Old Seal Belonged to a Woman
2016-03-08 Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit Preview in Pikeville, KY
2016-02-29 Unprecedented Discovery: 3000 Year-Old Textiles
2016-02-22 Copper Age Settlement Found in Jerusalem
2016-02-15 Ancient Egyptian Boat Unearthed
2016-02-09 3500-Year-Old Egyptian Scarab Discovered In Galilee
2016-02-05 Matching Gift Opportunity for ABR Dig
2016-02-01 1700-Year-Old Inscriptions Unearthed in Galilee
2016-01-29 Faulkner University Hosting Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit
2016-01-28 Multiple New Testament Manuscripts Discovered
2016-01-26 Possible Pilgrimage Road to Jerusalem Identified
2016-01-18 Ancient Greek City of Knossos Larger Than Previously Thought
2016-01-11 3400-Year-Old Canaanite Citadel Unearthed in Israel
2016-01-04 Corinth's Ancient Harbor Excavated
2015-12-31 Top Biblical Archaeological Discoveries of 2015
2015-12-21 Hebrew Inscription Found Near Sea of Gallilee
2015-12-17 Scholarship Winner Discusses Dig At Khirbet el-Maqatir
2015-12-15 Ancient Inscription Discovered at Lachish
2015-12-15 King Hezekiah's Seal Recently Found
2014-09-16 Were the Israelites in Egypt? An In-Depth Conference
2014-06-26 Mummy Cache Found in the Valley of the Kings
2014-04-21 An Update on the So-Called "Jesus Wife" Papyrus Fragment
2014-03-22 9 New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Discovered
2014-03-17 Construction Ready to Begin on Life Sized Noah's Ark
2014-01-27 New Study Confirms Carthaginian Child Sacrifice
2014-01-20 Major Artifact Confirms Biblical Account
2014-01-06 13th Dynasty Tomb of King Sobekhotep Found In Egypt
2014-01-06 Biblical Tarshish Located in Sardinia?
2013-12-13 Your Year End Gift to ABR 2013
2013-12-10 Support ABR Through an IRA Distribution
2013-11-22 Joshua's Ai Exhibit At Houston Baptist University
2013-11-14 James Ossuary Returned to Oded Golan
2013-11-13 Image of Nebuchadnezzar Found at Carchemish
2013-11-07 Free Shipping AND Free "Evolution vs. God" DVD Special
2013-10-01 See the ABR Team in the Greater Philadelphia Area
2013-09-26 Autumn Bookstore Sale at ABR
2013-09-05 The Satellite Bible Atlas: A Must Have Resource
2013-08-28 Get A FREE Copy of the Evolution Vs. God DVD
2013-07-12 ABR Volunteer Opportunities
2013-06-26 Archaeological Discoveries in Jerusalem That Validate John's Gospel
2013-06-11 Gift Membership and Subscription Sale
2013-06-07 Spring-Summer Specials in the ABR Bookstore
2013-05-24 Gordon Franz Speaking at Noah's Ark Symposium in Sirnak, Turkey
2013-04-02 New Tests Reveal Shroud of Turin is not a Forgery
2013-04-02 Massive Structure Discovered in Ur
2013-03-07 Dr. Duane Gish Enters His Eternal Reward
2013-02-28 Creation Ministries Speaker in Lancaster County PA
2013-02-28 Possible Human Artifact Found in Coal
2013-02-08 A Report on the Excavations at Carchemish
2013-01-30 Winter Specials in the ABR Online Bookstore
2013-01-27 Police Seize 1900 Year Old Leather Torah
2013-01-27 The Footprints of Gilgal?
2013-01-16 Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of 2012
2013-01-15 Human Genome in "Meltdown"
2013-01-15 Genetic Research and the Biblical Timeline
2013-01-03 Ritual Temple Discovered at Tel Motza
2013-01-03 The Assassination of Rameses III
2012-12-20 The Dead Sea Scrolls Online
2012-12-03 First Century AD Road Discovered at Bethsaida
2012-11-26 Update on the Excavations at Carchemish
2012-11-26 Temple Found at Beth Shemesh
2012-09-26 Jesus' Wife Fragment Appears To Be A Fake
2012-09-20 Somebody Once Believed Jesus Had A Wife
2012-09-07 First Temple Period Reservoir Found Near Western Wall
2012-08-23 Bible Archaeology and Apologetics Conference
2012-08-23 More Fluctuations Found in Isotopic Clocks
2012-08-06 Peaceful Protests on Malta In Response To Robert Cornuke's Claims About Paul's Shipwreck
2012-08-06 Colossal Neo-Hittite Statue Discovered at Tell Tayinat
2012-08-06 Mass Grave Found Outside the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount
2012-07-10 Samson Mosaic Discovered in Galilean Synagogue
2012-06-29 2000 Year-Old Middle Eastern Pollen Found on the Shroud of Turin
2012-06-29 The Knucklebone of John the Baptist?
2012-05-25 "Bethlehem" Seal Uncovered in the City of David
2012-05-18 Rare Wooden Statue of Hatshepsut Discovered in Egypt
2012-05-17 Book of Nehemiah Found Among the Dead Sea Scrolls
2012-05-11 Evidence of Possible Israelite Religious Activity Discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa
2012-04-16 A Preview of the Spring 2012 Issue of Bible and Spade
2012-03-14 James Ossuary Trial Ends in an Acquittal
2012-03-12 NASA Jet Lab Intelligent Design Discrimination Case Moving Forward
2012-03-05 Gospel of Mark Fragment May Be From the First Century
2012-03-05 Judges Era Jewelry Discovered at Megiddo
2012-02-24 ABR Celebrates ONE MILLIONTH Web Visitor!
2012-02-17 Get a Copy of the Bart Ehrman-Daniel Wallace Debate on DVD
2012-01-23 Earliest Manuscript from Romans Allegedly Discovered
2012-01-05 Italian Scientists Assert Shroud of Turin is Authentic
2012-01-01 Find Out How to Get a FREE Copy of the "Jericho Unearthed" DVD!
2011-12-28 Second Temple Era Seal Found in Jerusalem
2011-11-14 Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times
2011-10-28 Mark Gatt’s Critique of “The Lost Shipwreck of Paul” Video
2011-10-20 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview: Fall 2011
2011-10-04 World's Oldest Christian Inscription Found In Rome
2011-10-04 Dinesh D'Souza to Debate American Atheist President
2011-09-29 Digitizing The Dead Sea Scrolls
2011-09-09 Can We Trust the Text of the New Testament?
2011-09-09 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview: Summer 2011
2011-08-31 Join the 'Question Evolution' Campaign!
2011-07-29 Radioisotope Dating Is Unreliable
2011-07-28 Professor Claims Tomb of Philip the Apostle has been Discovered
2011-07-25 Archaeological Park Scheduled to Open at Shechem
2011-07-25 Gold Bell Discovered in Jerusalem
2011-07-20 Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled Children's DVD
2011-07-19 Chuck Colson Comments on Recent Excavations at Gath
2011-07-05 Bone Box of Caiaphas' Granddaughter Authenticated
2011-07-05 Israelite Four-Room House "Rediscovered"
2011-06-22 Noah's Ark Replica Completed in Netherlands
2011-05-31 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview: Spring 2011
2011-05-19 ABR Summer Special: Get a FREE Subscription to Bible and Spade
2011-05-19 Bible and Spade CD ROM: On Sale!
2011-05-18 Israel Accuses US man of Antiquities Trafficking
2011-05-16 Dating the Ezekiel Plates
2011-04-13 Ancient Hittite City on Turkish-Syrian Border Now Open for Excavation
2011-03-30 Possible Discovery of Early Christian Books in Jordan: Updated May 25
2011-03-28 Recent Articles Concerning the BioLogos Foundation
2011-03-23 Protecting the Darwinian Dissenters
2011-03-18 Islamic Scholars Suing Israel Over Archaeology
2011-03-17 Chemical Warfare in Antiquity?
2011-03-17 Another Major Scientific Defeat Against Darwinism
2011-02-28 Anson Rainey Passes Away at Age 81
2011-02-09 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview Winter 2011
2011-02-07 Has the Tomb of the Prophet Zechariah Been Found?
2011-02-07 Church Discovered in Laodicea
2011-02-01 Israeli Archaeologist Eilat Mazar Uses the Bible as Her Guide
2011-01-31 First Century Pilgrim Road Uncovered in Jerusalem
2011-01-21 Oldest Wine-Making Equipment Found Near Ararat
2011-01-14 Jordan River Baptism Site to Open for Pilgrims
2011-01-07 Owner of 4th Century New Testament Papyrus Identified
2011-01-05 Caeserea Severely Damaged by Storm
2010-12-27 Archaeologist Vendyl Jones Passes Away
2010-12-21 Darwinian Dogmatism on Display in Kentucky
2010-12-09 NASA's Latest ET Hype
2010-12-03 Life Sized Noah's Ark to be Built by AIG in Kentucky
2010-12-01 A Brief Report from the 2010 NEAS Conference
2010-11-29 Evidence for King Solomon's Mines Cited by UCSD Professor
2010-11-29 Noah's Ark Update from Randall Price
2010-11-10 Wall Uncovered Near Egyptian Sphinx
2010-11-03 Ehud Netzer Dies From Fall at Herodium
2010-10-29 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview Fall 2010
2010-10-20 Dead Seas Scrolls to Be Digitized Online
2010-10-20 Mamre Near Hebron To Be Reopened
2010-10-11 After Five Years, James Ossuary Trial Goes to Judge for Verdict
2010-10-07 Statue of Amenhotep III Found In Egypt
2010-10-06 A Report on the 2010 Hazor Excavations
2010-10-01 Samaritan Synagogue Uncovered near Bet She'an
2010-09-20 Royal Box of King Herod Uncovered at Herodium
2010-09-15 British Museum to Lend Cyrus Cylinder to Iran
2010-09-07 3000 Year Old Moabite Temple Found in Jordan
2010-08-31 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview
2010-08-24 Hellenistic Cave Paintings Found at Petra
2010-08-09 Extracts From Cyrus Cylinder Found in China
2010-08-05 Temple Found in Philistine City of Gath
2010-08-02 Cunieform Tablet from the Middle Bronze Age Found at Hazor
2010-08-01 Media Pictures for ABR's Search for Joshua's Ai
2010-07-23 Rameses II Temple Unearthed in Upper Egypt
2010-07-21 ABR reports from the AIG Apologetics Conference
2010-07-15 Ancient Gospel Texts Redated
2010-07-13 Akkadian Document from 14th Century BC Discovered in Jerusalem
2010-07-06 Archeologists Find Evidence of Peter's Prison
2010-07-01 Atheist Christopher Hitchens Diagnosed with Cancer
2010-06-30 Oldest Known Images of The Apostles Revealed by Laser
2010-06-21 Joshua's Ai Video Footage from the 2010 Season
2010-06-21 United Methodist Seminary Goes "Multi-Faith"
2010-06-15 ABR Dig and Tour Picture Slideshow
2010-06-15 Noah’s Ark, or … What?
2010-05-31 ABR Dig and Tour: Days 1 and 2
2010-05-14 Randall Price Comments on Recent Claims Regarding Noah's Ark
2010-04-23 Did Eilat Mazar Find King David's Palace?
2010-04-20 Tomb of Royal Scribe Found In Egypt
2010-04-18 Theologian Resigns Over Evolution Controversy
2010-04-12 Assyrian Treaty Tablet Discovered at Tell Tayinat, Turkey
2010-04-01 Restoring Ancient Babylon
2010-03-29 Report from Kilns Apologetics Conference
2010-03-16 Pharaoh Akhenaten’s Mummy Identified
2010-03-15 Jerusalem Wall Dated to Time of Solomon: UPDATE
2010-03-09 Australia Attempts to Ban Creationism in Private Schools
2010-03-01 Biblical Manuscript Pieces Reunited
2010-02-26 Has Paul's Shipwreck Been Found?
2010-02-25 Key Document on Ownership of Codex Sinaiticus Discovered
2010-02-24 Jerusalem Wall Dated to Time of Solomon
2010-02-22 Shroud of Turin on Display in 2010
2010-02-22 Christian Archaeologist and Scholar Donald J. Wiseman Dies at 91
2010-02-22 Increased Excavations at Ur Expected in Future
2010-02-19 DNA Tests on King Tut Reveal Malaria and Bone Disorder
2010-02-15 Madaba Map Depiction Confirmed in Recent Discovery
2010-02-01 Renovating King David's Tomb
2010-01-27 Throw Some More Dirt on Radioactive Isotope Dating
2010-01-26 Unearthing Ephesus with John Turtle Wood
2010-01-18 Bible and Spade Sneak Preview
2010-01-14 Apologetics Conference in Bend, Oregon
2010-01-14 Those Enigmatic Neanderthals
2010-01-05 Updates from the Temple Mount Sifting Project 2010
2010-01-04 101 Reasons the Earth is Young
2010-01-03 Urging Caution: A Brief Comment on the So-Called 'Joseph Coins'
2010-01-02 Ancient Tablet Depicts Noah's Ark
2009-12-30 First Century House Unearthed in Nazareth
2009-12-23 Fraud and Forgery in Paleoanthropology
2009-12-17 First Century Burial Casts Doubt on Shroud of Turin
2009-12-09 Christmas 2009: A Message from ABR's Executive Director
2009-12-08 Egypt To Ask For Return of Rosetta Stone
2009-11-30 FREE Shipping Special and Discounted Products for the Christmas Season
2009-11-11 Ancient muscle tissue extracted from '18 million year old' fossil
2009-11-02 The Economic Effect on Biblical Archaeology
2009-10-22 Shocker: Ida is Not the Missing Link!
2009-10-07 Recycled Ape Man
2009-09-20 New Book Debunks Human-Chimp Similarity
2009-09-14 Pilgrim Road to the Temple Uncovered in Jerusalem
2009-09-12 Stone Vessel with Unique Inscription Found on Mount Zion
2009-09-10 The Latest on the James Ossuary Trial
2009-09-09 New Fragment of Codex Sinaiticus Discovered
2009-09-08 Massive Ancient Wall Found in Jerusalem
2009-08-31 Pseudo-Science and Sensationalist Archaeology
2009-08-31 Gemstone depicting Alexander the Great found at Tel Dor
2009-08-25 The Army of the Kings of Ur
2009-08-05 Unique Aramaic Inscription Found on Mount Zion
2009-08-03 Traces of Aramaic Writing Found on Shroud of Turin
2009-07-20 ABR Nominated for "Best of the Web" Award in Central PA
2009-07-19 An Update on the 'Foot' Structures Found in the Jordan Valley
2009-07-18 New Evidence on the Jewish Exile to Babylon
2009-07-02 Models of Earliest Camel Pulled Vehicles Found
2009-07-01 Pope says Bones in Vatican Basilica are those of the Apostle Paul
2009-06-26 Untouched Tomb Uncovered in Bethlehem
2009-06-25 New Creation Cosmology
2009-06-25 Ark of the Covenant to be Unveiled by Ethiopian Patriarch?
2009-06-18 The Virtual Museum of Iraq
2009-06-09 Darwin Fossil Hyper-Hype: More on 'Ida'
2009-05-27 Ancient Christian Graffiti
2009-05-21 Ancient First Temple Artifacts Uncovered in Jerusalem
2009-05-21 ABR Represented at Christian Homeschool Association of PA Convention
2009-05-19 Ida: The Missing Link at Last?
2009-05-11 Dinosaur soft tissue and protein—even more confirmation!
2009-05-06 Noah was born and buried in Nakhchivan, the republic’s head believes
2009-04-29 Tracking Down Shebnayahu, Servant of the King
2009-04-23 A Look at Bethsaida
2009-04-09 'Foot' Structures Found in the Jordan Valley
2009-03-31 Scientists Tell Texas: Time to Evolve
2009-03-25 The Glasshouse Mountains
2009-03-05 Herod's Temple Model 30 Years in the Making
2009-02-12 Where Darwin Went Wrong: Just One Example
2009-02-12 Egypt Unveils Mummy Found in New Tomb
2009-02-09 Randall Price Scheduled for Mount Ararat Expedition
2009-02-09 Archaeometric Analysis Supports the Authenticity of the Jehoash Tablet
2009-02-05 Ben Stein 'Expels' Himself from Commencement Address
2009-02-03 ABR to Appear on Moody Radio's "Prime Time America"
2009-02-02 Israeli Archaeologists Find Rare Gold Coins
2009-02-02 An Update on Possible Location of King Solomon's Copper Mines in Edom
2009-01-23 An Update from ABR
2009-01-22 A Brief History of Intolerance in Modern Cosmology
2009-01-15 ABR Celebrates its Volunteers with a Special Dinner
2009-01-15 Remains of Ancient City Found in Egypt
2008-12-30 ABR in Urgent Need of Help
2008-12-30 'Tolerance' on Display in Germany
2008-12-29 Solomon Temple Era Ivory Pomegranate may be Authentic
2008-12-18 Temple Tax Coin Found in Temple Mount Debris
2008-12-18 Dad links son's suicide to 'The God Delusion'
2008-12-17 Australian Public Schools to go "God-free"
2008-12-15 Perfume Vials from the Time of Christ Found in Israel
2008-12-04 The Valley of the Kings Updates
2008-12-01 Can ancient Babylon be rescued?
2008-12-01 "David and Goliath" City Found in Israel?
2008-12-01 Herod's Tomb Update
2008-11-17 Golden Earring Found in Jerusalem Dates to Time of Christ
2008-11-14 ABR Represented at Oregon Conference
2008-11-10 Rare Hebrew Seal from the First Temple Period Discovered
2008-11-03 Tunnel discovered beneath David’s palace in Jerusalem
2008-11-03 James Ossuary hoax case may collapse
2008-10-30 Oldest Possibly Hebrew Inscription Found outside Jerusalem
2008-10-28 Researchers may have found King Solomon's mines
2008-10-24 New PBS program says Bible isn't true, stories made up
2008-10-22 A Report on the 2008 Excavation Season at Hazor
2008-10-15 Whitcomb Ministries conference to be held in Indiana
2008-10-14 Inscription with "Christ" found on bowl in Alexandria
2008-10-13 More on the Seal of King Zedekiah's Minister
2008-10-13 Dr. Eilat Mazar: The Bible as a Blueprint
2008-10-06 'Expelled' wins lawsuit over 'Imagine' song
2008-09-29 Petra: A place of wonder in the wilderness
2008-09-24 Evolutionist: It’s ok to Deceive Students to Believe Evolution
2008-09-19 Big Bang: A Theory in Crisis
2008-09-09 Interview with Shroud of Turin researcher Father Gianfranco Berbenni
2008-09-09 ABR Featured in Wikipedia
2008-09-08 Tomb of Sesostris II (1897–1878 BC) uncovered in Egypt
2008-09-05 Eilat Mazar Revises Her Thoughts on Temple Seal Reading
2008-09-02 Gordon Franz returns from Mount Cudi Expedition
2008-09-02 Israel to Display the Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet
2008-08-27 Tourism in Israel Rises Dramatically
2008-08-26 Confessions of a Former Atheist
2008-08-25 Mercury’s Magnetic Field is Young!
2008-08-18 Further Challenges to the Shroud of Turin Carbon 14 Dating
2008-08-11 Why Students Abandon Their Faith
2008-08-05 ABR Represented at International Conference on Creationism
2008-08-04 Seal of King Zedekiah's minister found in Jerusalem dig
2008-08-04 Excavations Lead to New Discoveries at Sardis
2008-08-01 ABR Represented at Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
2008-07-29 ABR Scheduled to Return to Dig in Israel
2008-07-28 Refuting Christopher Hitchens
2008-07-21 Ancient Bible to Be Reconstructed Online
2008-07-20 ABR Research mentioned in Wikipedia Article
2008-07-09 ABR Travelers Return from The Temple Mount Sifting Project and Jerusalem Field Studies Tour
2008-07-09 Sir John Templeton Passes Away at age 95
2008-07-08 Denmark Archaeology Publication Features Dr. Wood's Ai Research
2008-07-06 Ancient Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection
2008-07-06 More on the Ancient Church Cave Found in Northern Jordan
2008-06-25 "Dinosaur Dig" to be held for Kids in Lancaster County, PA
2008-06-24 Finders of the Lost Ark?
2008-06-11 Jordan Cave may be Oldest Church
2008-06-08 More NT Manuscripts Found
2008-06-08 Shroud of Turin to Go on Display Again in 2010
2008-06-04 Archaeologists find ancient army HQ in Sinai
2008-06-04 Egypt to carry out DNA test on Mummy
2008-06-02 Lab agrees to test Shroud of Turin for new theory
2008-05-26 New documentary claims Jesus married, had child
2008-05-23 Did the Walls of Jericho Fall Like the Bible Says? A New Video with Dr. Bryant Wood
2008-05-23 Associated Press Interviews Dr. Bryant Wood
2008-05-21 R.C. Sproul Changes his Views on Genesis 1
2008-05-15 International Conference on Creationism to be held in Pittsburgh
2008-05-14 Seeker Sensitive Shocker!
2008-05-12 The Art of Authentic Forgery
2008-05-09 New Scientist Magazine Author Dredges up Same Old Arguments
2008-05-09 A visit to Pergamum, Turkey, location of one of the churches of Revelation (Rev 2:12–18)
2008-04-20 Clay Tablet Wrongly Identified as Destroying Sodom and Gomorrah
2008-04-15 Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
2008-04-12 Egyptian craftsman confesses to having made forgeries for Israeli antiquities dealer Oded Golan
2008-04-09 Remains from Solomon's time found near the Temple Mount
2008-04-05 On dating Easter
2008-03-14 First Temple seal found in Jerusalem


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