Current Events Articles: March 2011

Possible Discovery of Early Christian Books in Jordan: Updated May 25 posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

*Updated 5/25/11*

We strongly suggest caution in declaring the authenticity of these books. The evidence is almost certain now that they appear to be a hoax.

Some good insights from Todd Bolen, friend of ABR:

Insights from ABR supporter George Grena:

Editorial note: The analysis at this link below delves into the Greek text engraved on these codices. We urge caution here as well, as this scholar believes Daniel was written during the 2nd century BC and has many other erroneous views of the Bible. His analysis on this subject, however, appears very useful:

Recent Articles Concerning the BioLogos Foundation posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

No Pass From Theological Responsibility by Dr. Albert Mohler

Excerpt: [BioLogos'] theological arguments are published in the public arena. They are not shy about making their proposals, and they call for a radical reformulation of evangelical doctrine. Their assaults upon biblical inerrancy have not been made in private conversations, but in public discourse. Their argument that the Apostle Paul was wrong to believe in an historical Adam and an historical Fall was made in public, as was their denial of common descent through Adam. They will have to take responsibility for these arguments. They should expect no less than a spirited debate over their proposals, and it is nothing short of bewildering that they now ask, in effect, for a pass from all theological scrutiny. They accuse conservative evangelicals of driving evangelicalism into an “intellectual cul-de-sac” and into the status of an intellectual “cult,” and then they have the audacity to complain of the “tone” of those who argue that their proposals amount to a theological disaster.

Bible Curriculum That is Anti-Bible? by Anne Elliot. Comments on the recent children's book published by BioLogos fellow Peter Enns.

Comments from Answers in Genesis on the Recent Removal of Ken Ham from Two Homeschool Conventions.

Protecting the Darwinian Dissenters posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

State Rep. Bill Zedler told WND today that his House Bill 2454 is a pre-emptive effort to make sure problems don't arise in Texas with established scientific communities discriminating against someone who challenges their beliefs.


Islamic Scholars Suing Israel Over Archaeology posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

According to the Jordanian representative to UNESCO, Moawiyah Ibrahim, Israeli authorities are using archeological findings for political gains. "Israel has used Biblical texts to support their national narrative and have disregarded Arab-Islamic heritage," he said. The committee will also suggest that UNESCO gets an increased role in the old city of Jerusalem which is listed on the organizations endangered heritage sites list.

Chemical Warfare in Antiquity? posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

These 20 men, who died in A.D. 256, may be the first victims of chemical warfare to leave any archeological evidence of their passing, according to a new investigation. The case is a cold one, with little physical evidence left behind beyond drawings and archaeological excavation notes from the 1930s. But a new analysis of those materials published in January in the American Journal of Archaeology finds that the soldiers likely did not die by the sword as the original excavator believed. Instead, they were gassed.


Another Major Scientific Defeat Against Darwinism posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

Give a natural reason for the origin of life, as did Darwin and his successors, and the constraints of morality fall. One of his many followers was humanist Julian Huxley, secretary of the Zoological Society of London (1935-42), and the first director of UNESCO. In his Essays of a Humanist, Huxley expressed his feelings on evolution and those of many of his contemporaries and successors by writing, “The sense of spiritual relief which comes from rejecting the idea of God as a superhuman being is enormous.”

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