Dr. Gish was gracious enough to travel to PA and serve as the keynote speaker at the 2006 ABR annual fundraising banquet. It was at a time when ABR was just beginning to develop our annual fundraising event, and Dr. Gish's appearance went a long way towards expanding awareness about the ministry of ABR in the Christian community. Dr. Gish gave a compelling speech, and had our staff laughing throughout most of the evening. I specifically remembering him saying as he departed for the airport: "See you on the other side!" It gave me pause, but showed his trust in the redeeming work of Christ and the certainty that we will most certainly see our brother once again in Glory.

Dr. Gish's staunch opposition against the materialistic dogma of Darwinism, his vast scientific knowledge (PhD in biochemistry), his keen debating ability, and his commitment to the authority of Scripture were deeply refreshing and tremendously edifying. I still have a copy of his book on my shelf, "Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics". I read through this treatise a number of times in my early years after conversion to Christ. It was so incredible to see how easily macro-evolutionary dogma could be dismantled (2 Corinthians 10:5), and how much I had been brainwashed by the educational establishment and the culture at large.

Our friends at Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research have written articles dedicated to Dr. Gish's life of service to the Gospel and the truth of Scripture. We trust you will pray for his wife and family during this time.

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Rescued! Remembering the Life and Legacy of Dr. Duane T. Gish by Mark Looy (off-site link).

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Note: edifying comments on the life and legacy of Dr. Gish are welcomed below.