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Schedule for Saturday October 19, 2013:

8:15am - 8:50 am Registration and book tables open. Free drinks, coffee and breakfast snacks will be made available.

8:50am-9am: Intro and Prayer

Byers-Gary.jpgSession #1: Rev. Gary Byers: Archaeology, Paleontology, Noah’s Flood and the Book of Genesis. Archaeology and paleontology are synonyms in English, even sister academic disciplines, yet they represent different fields of scientific investigation. Dealing with distinct materials and time periods, each offers important data for an appropriate understanding of the book of Genesis.

Time: 9am-9:50am Q&A 9:50 - 10am


BGW portrait 05-10-13.jpgSession #2: Dr. Bryant Wood: Digging Up the Truth at Jericho. Did the walls of Jericho really come tumbling down?  Biblical archaeologist Bryant Wood will present an illustrated talk on archaeological findings at Jericho that relate to the conquest of the city by the Israelites.  For many years, Jericho has been a problem in Biblical archaeology since scholars claimed that there was no city there at the time of Joshua and therefore the Bible must be in error.  Dr. Wood's analysis of the artifacts excavated at Jericho shows that the previous dating was incorrect.  Not only was there a city at Jericho at the time of the Conquest, but when the findings are correctly dated, it is seen that the archaeological discoveries and the Biblical narrative in Joshua 2–6 harmonize in an amazing fashion.

Time: 10am - 10:50am  Q&A  10:50am - 11am


Rick Lanser.bmpSession #3: Rick Lanser: Satellite Evidence of the Survival of Noah's Ark. Is it possible that Noah's Ark could have survived to the present day, yet eluded all attempts to find it? Throughout history there have been tantalizing eyewitnesses testimonies that the Ark was seen and even climbed on, but all modern attempts to use this information to find the Ark have failed. In his presentation, Rick Lanser will describe how years of research into the testimonies finally suggested a way to reconcile their seeming conflicts, and how recent high-resolution satellite data appears to show remains of the Ark where the testimonies indicate it would be found.

Time: 11am -11:50am Q&A 11:50- 12 noon


12-12:45 LUNCH (Local restaurants are all within 1 mile or so of the church venue). You are free to bring a bagged lunch and eat in the church fellowship hall, or bring take out food back to eat. 


Gordon-Franz.jpgSession #4: Gordon Franz: Going for the Gold: The Apostle Paul's Use of Athletic Terminology from the Isthmian Games. The Apostle Paul used athletic terminology to convey spiritual truths in his epistles. This presentation will examine the word pictures in five passages from Paul's epistles that are illustrated by the Isthmian Games near Corinth. "Life Lessons to be Learned" will be drawn from the word pictures for the life of the believer in the Lord Jesus.

Time 12:50 pm - 1:40 pm Q&A 1:40-1:50 pm


Stripling, Scott copy.jpgSession #5: Dr. Scott Stripling: The Fulfillment of Jesus' Final Prophecy. Many believers have not fully appreciated The Olivet Discourse (Mt. 24, Mk. 13, Lk. 21) because they have looked to the future for its primary fulfillment.  What if its primary fulfillment is actually to be found in the first century?  Scott Stripling explores the archaeological evidence from the First Jewish Revolt and how that evidence fulfills Jesus' final prophecy.

Time 1:50 to 2:40pm Q&A 2:40 to 2:50pm


2:50 pm Closing prayer and love offering. ABR staff remains for questions.

Book tables will remain open until about 3:15pm.


$25 per adult

$12 for children 17 and under

Group discounts for church groups of 8 or more: $20 per person.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday October 15, 2013 at 12 NOON.

Making Your Payment:

1. Pay online here on the ABR website.

2. Call the ABR Office at 800-430-0008 and pay by credit card over the phone. Office hours are M-F 10-2, EST.

3. Download this PDF Form with all the pertinent information. Fill it out by hand, scan it, and email it to . Or, fill out by hand and mail to the ABR office.

4. Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive email confirmation, directions and restaurant map.

Further details:

1. Local restaurants are located within 1 mile for lunch. You are free to bring a bagged lunch and eat in the church fellowship hall, or bring take out food back to eat.

2. ABR is non-profit Christian ministry. We depend entirely on the generosity of our constituents to fulfill our mission. A love offering will be taken during this event.

3. Please pray for the success of this event!