Current Events Articles: June 2016

Exciting Volunteer Opportunity posted by Henry B Smith Jr MA MAR

Individuals who are interested in this opportunity should thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the brief description of required tasks listed below.

Bible and Spade Pre-publication Editing Assistant Volunteer

Estimated work: 15-20 hours per month.

Duties include:

1. Collect articles already reviewed and approved by ABR staff and set up a basic structure and outline, putting the material into the format that the editor can use. Perform an initial read-through and preparation, adjusting fonts, italics, pagination, Scripture citations, etc. The volunteer does not need knowledge of the subject matter.

2. Identify prospective pictures from reading the article, find them in the ABR archive, on the web, and other sources, and write captions for the pictures.

3. Learn to use the ABR picture database and other sources for pictures.

4. Communicate with graphics designer and B&S committee on titles and magazine cover, and then disseminate artwork for committee review.

5. The ideal candidate would reside in the Lancaster County, PA region.

All interested parties should contact the ABR office by sending a cover letter and resume to

2150-Year-Old Silver Coins Discovered in Israel posted by Bryan Windle

A small cache of 16 Hasmonean-era (second-first century BC) coins were found in a crevice in the rock wall of a large agricultural estate being excavated in Modiin, Israel. The coins – shekels and half-shekels – were minted in the city of Tyre. In addition, a number of bronze coins were also discovered at the site. The cache contained two coins from every year between 135 and 126 BC. Other coins bear the date, "Year Two" of the first revolt against the Romans, which began in 66 AD. Some have suggested the owner was a coin collector, while others have proposed he took part in the Bar Kochba uprising.

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Hidden Monument Found at Petra Using Satellite posted by Bryan Windle

Archaeologists using satellite and drone images have discovered a previously hidden monument at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. The monument is located about 2950 ft (900 m) from the city center and measures 184 x 161 ft (56 x 49 m), roughly the size of six basketball courts. The platform is believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes, and was at one time fronted with columns and a large staircase. Despite being hidden in plain site, it was never recognized from ground level as a monument. After its discovery by satellite imagery, investigations at the site revealed surface pottery dating to the mid-second century BC, the height of Petra's Nabataean civilization.
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Archaeologists Trying To Rescue Judean Artifacts From Looting posted by Bryan Windle

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority have been excavating the Cave of Skulls in the Judean desert in an attempt to rescue ancient artifacts from looting. The excavations are part of a national campaign to recover as many artifacts as possible before looters steal them. About 100 such thieves are arrested each year. Of particular interest to the archaeologists are scrolls and parchments, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were hidden by Jewish rebels almost 2000 years ago. In a race against time, authorities are hoping to beat antiquities robbers to the discoveries before important ancient texts end up on the black market.

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